close-up of female hand with a glitter and sequin nail look inspire by mermaidsin soft baby pink colors

Have you heard a theory on how Disney's movies influence your worldview? Disney not only has a huge impact on pop culture and cinematography, but it also shapes your personality and tastes. No wonder, as during the 90s this studio went through a revival period. Disney managed to release a major hit movie after another hit, shaping the world we grew up in. 

When I was little, my favorite Disney animated movie was The Little Mermaid. After more than 30 years, this animated musical fantasy looks unique and delightful. It aged very well, proving its status as a masterpiece. I remember impersonating Ariel while taking a bath! It is funny to think about those childhood moments after so many years!

close-up of female hand with a glitter and sequin nail look in soft baby pink colors

With the upcoming release of Disney's live-action movie The Little Mermaid, I've decided to come up with a nail look, inspired by my favorite character. It is certainly not a copy of the iconic color theme, but rather my rendition of the underwater world Ariel lives in. For this look, I used one gorgeous nail polish in the color Tender Love* by Born Pretty. It features holographic particles and chinky glitter pieces that perfectly fit the theme just right.

About 'Tender Love' Nail Polish

Tender Love is one of six Dreamy Interstellar nail polishes series. It comes in a compact nail polish bottle with a very comfortable and easy-to-use brush. The medium-sized brush is not too large or small, making it very convenient for nail polish application.

The eye-catching texture is charged with tiny holographic particles. It has everything you need for the Little Mermaid-inspired underwater ambiance: round opal sequins, iridescent green stars, and small shimmer. It can be applied on bare nails, but I decided to give my nail look an appealing twist, placing each sequin individually.

close-up of female hand with a glitter and sequin nail look in soft baby pink colors

How to Create a Nail Look Inspired by The Little Mermaid?

I didn't want to simply cover my entire nails with chunky glitter. Instead, I wanted to create a gradient color base, and slowly build the glittering 'ocean's bottom' texture on top. As a result, this look is a three-shade gradient sprinkled with stars and sequins. Wondering how you can re-create this nail look? It isn't hard at all. Let me guide you through the process.

• First of all, you'll need to prepare your nails for future design. It is no secret, that everything starts with a nail care routine! You'll need a perfect, smooth nail surface, an even shape, and no dead cuticle for the look to be striking.

• After thorough nail care, you can move on to applying a nail polish base onto your fingernails. Allow it to dry completely, before moving further with the nail design.

• For the Little Mermaid-inspired nails I used nude peel-off nail polish. Using peel-off nail polish under a heavy coat of glitter and sequins is a great idea! It allows you not to worry about removing your nail look later with the acetone. You can simply peel it off with an orange stick! However, you can use any other nail polish you have in your collection;

close-up of female hand with a glitter and sequin nail look in soft baby pink colors

• Next, with the help of a regular kitchen sponge, I created a gradient color base – a soft transition between nude and teal nail polishes. The process was quite messy, but I love the final result. I wanted my nails to represent the bottom of a tropical ocean. 

• The next step will take time and patience, but it is also the most exciting part of the process! Use a brush to pick stars and round sequins out of the Tender Love nail polish. Move on decorating your mermaid nail design with these sequins randomly, leaving some space between each piece.

• The last, but one of the most important steps is sealing. Once your sequins are dry, cover your nails with a clear top coat. Do not apply more sequins on top of the top coat. This step will ensure a smooth and long-lasting finish to your mermaid nail look.

close-up of female hand with a glitter and sequin nail look in soft baby pink colors

Final Thoughts

This nail looks inspired by The Little Mermaid and certainly requires some patience and even some practice. Still, I love how it turned out to look! Shimmer and sequins make it last for a very long time without peeling or chipping. I can't stop admiring the glistening opal finish. It looks especially pretty under the sunlight: sequins and stars 'catch' the rays and change color. 

If I was a mermaid, I would definitely wear this nail look. No doubt about it! And what are your thoughts on it? Does it remind you of the warm ocean and sugar-like sand that shines under the sun? 

Lots of love,