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The inner health and beautiful appearance are the two sides of the same coin. A well-balanced diet, regular exercising, and healthy sleep and rest habits can make a huge difference in the overall quality of your life and appearance. One of my main objectives this year is to achieve all the fitness goals I planned, keeping up with my fitness routine and active living. 

Knowing your body with all its flaws and strong sides always helps to work towards a healthier lifestyle, therefore it is nice to start your fitness development with a little tour of your body and health. DEXA scan will answer all the questions you have about the current composition of your body.

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What Is DEXA Scan?

Simply saying, DEXA is an open X-ray scanner that gives you detailed and precise information about the composition of your body: bone mineral density (BMD), body muscle and fat mass, total body fat percentage, and muscular asymmetry. DEXA scan lets you track the fat and muscular changes in your body over time, providing the necessary information for the future.

The original results of the first scan show you the initial point in your weight loss and muscle gain process, explaining to you how much body fat you have and where it is located. In time you will be able to compare the results and find out how effective your fitness and dieting plan is. You can also track the changes in your overall health over time.

How Does It Work?

The exam itself does not require any special preparation from your side. All you have to do is consult with a scanning specialist and answer a few simple questions regarding your health. Don't forget to leave any jewelry and accessories at home and wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movements. 

Now, lay down and relax, while a DEXA Scan specialist scans the composition of your body. Unlike other types of medical scanning, DEXA is an open scan, so you won't feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic. The whole scanning procedure takes up to seven minutes. Right after you are scanned the specialist will show you the results and explain the details.

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Why Do You Need DEXA Scan?

One of the main reasons to have your body scanned by DEXA scan is to determine the current composition of your bone density and measure the strength of your body. This information helps nutritionists, rehabilitation physicians, and fitness trainers to build a special diet and workout plan for your unique body. 

Another reason to get a body composition scan is to discover bone-related health issues like osteoporosis, fractures, injuries affecting muscles and nerves. This scan may even detect the spread of cancer cells into the bones. DEXA is popular among professional athletes and sportsmen. It provides exceptional information on how many muscles they gain and how much fat they burn.

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Start your fitness and diet journey right away by scanning your body. Diagnose early health problems and scan your body on the pre-excitement disease. Your therapist will recommend you to the nearest DEXA scan provider, so you can schedule the appointment for the body composition scan together with the DEXA specialist. For additional information about locations, pricing visit the official DEXA scan website. Would you like to take a tour of your body?

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