a closed bottle of Lavender Setting Mist by Mac Cosmetics is laying on a faux fur rug together with a branch of lavender flowers

Thoroughly setting your makeup look is just as important as moisturizing and priming your face. During the long day, your foundation may start creasing and eyeshadows may fade away, but makeup setting spray can easily prevent these issues, keeping your makeup in place. Just like a clear topcoat for your nail polish, makeup setting spray evens out the surface of your skin, blending primer, foundation, concealer, and powder together.

Makeup setting spray helps to control the excess oil and provides a natural, no-shine finish. Today I'm reviewing a famous Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix + setting mist and trying out its skin hydrating and makeup setting properties.

a closed bottle of Lavender Setting Mist by Mac Cosmetics is laying on a faux fur rug together with a branch of lavender flowers

Skipping setting spray has become one of my worst makeup habits. If the situation with toning has resolved quickly and I have found an amazing skin fresher by Brazilian brand Catharine Hill, finding a nice setting spray or mist was a bit more complicating. Before purchasing Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix + I've read a ton of mixed reviews on this mist. 

Some claimed the bottle was squirting the product on the face, instead of evenly spreading it all over the skin, others didn't like the scent. However most of the reviews were positive, and despite the whole negativity, surrounding Prep + Prime Fix+ mist, I've decided to give it a try. Apparently, the appealing packaging and pastel lavender shade can easily lure me into any venture!
A lightweight mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and refresh the skin. Gives an instant boost of hydration while delivering a soft sheen to refresh and finish makeup. This holy grail of hydrating mists can be used with other products in near-endless ways – to improve the wear of makeup, or moisturize and soothe tired skin. A delicious twist in a permanent romantic rose scent, calming lavender scent, or creamy coconut scent
Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix + comes in a very convenient plastic bottle with a fine spray dispenser secured with a special locker, that ensures there will be no unintentional spills. In order to use the mist, you need to twist the cap, release the locker, and press the button on the top of the bottle. The bottle is transparent, so you will always see how much of the product is left and repurchase it if necessary.

hand is holding a a closed bottle of Lavender Setting Mist by Mac Cosmetics

Apart from the inviting packaging and amazing setting properties Prep + Prime Fix + mist have incredible ingredients. It holds the power of cucumber fruit extract with its cooling and soothing qualities, calming energy of mayweed, and antioxidant effect of green tea. Who wouldn't want to experience the refreshing vigor of this cocktail on the skin? Besides the soothing ingredients of Prep + Prime Fix + mist has the most subtle and delicate scent of lavender. The aroma is not overwhelming and rapidly vanishes, so it won't stay on your skin for long.

There are a few ways to use Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix + mist. For starters, you can finely spray the mist right after you applied moisturizer to the skin. The lightweight mist will lock the moisture deep into your skin, creating a smooth canvas for foundation and controlling excessive oil. It can also be used as a hydrating finishing spray: spray the product all over your face to set your makeup look and compound foundation with powder together. No heavy unnatural finish, cakey face, or uncomfortable dry feeling on the skin!

demonstration of opened and closed bottle of Lavender Setting Mist by Mac Cosmetics

There are many people who were complaining about the defective spray dispenser, so I strongly recommend you to buy the Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix + mist in the store, so you can check your bottle and buy only the applicable product. Some reviewers complained about the unbearable drying finish and even the white crusty finish. I have never experienced this while using lavender mist, but I believe you can avoid this issue by using a suitable amount of the product to set the makeup look. Lightly spray the product a few times on your face and neck area, this will be enough to lock your makeup throughout the day.

woman is holding a bottle of mac cosmetics prep and prime lavender setting spray

The Takeaway

Overall, I enjoyed using Prep + Prime Fix + mist, it locks my makeup in place without disturbing the coverage and drying the skin. I love the soothing ingredients, mildly sweet scent, and lightweight feel on the skin. It might take you a few uses to test the mist's properties and find the best way of application, but, in my opinion, the final results are worth the trial. Mac Cosmetics Prep Prime fixing spray is available in three deliciously flavored variations: coconut, lavender, rose and one neutral (original) option. 

Lots of love,