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Steampunk Angel Wing Statement Necklace

fblogger fashion vintage rosegal Steampunk Angel Wing Statement Necklace blogger review liz breygel

When it comes to jewelry and fashion accessories my taste is usually very moderate. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings first of all must be comfortable to wear and easy to look after. Steampunk Angel Wing Statement Necklace* by the online fashion and beauty store Rosegal is exactly one of those jewelry pieces, which look bold and striking without too much effort.

Cobra Combat Ankle Boots & Black Friday Giveaway

fashion blogger liz breygel boots shoes review pctures cyber monday giveaway

The grungy boots with a heavy chunky heel was my favorite fashion item all the way through my high school and university days. I was wearing them on a daily basis and there were no rules or appropriate occasions for me and my bad-ass boots. I’ll be absolutely sincere with you, I’m glad those teenage days are in the past. But a pair of rebel combat boots with chunky heels was something I missed to own, so when I saw these Cobra Combat Ankle Boots* at Zaful store I knew they are coming back in my life.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask For Dry Lips | Review

bblogger liz breygel yesstyle Laneige Lip Sleeping Water Mask lip care balm Blogger Review Korean Beauty

As a matte lipstick wearer I know the struggle of having a smooth 'baby - like' lips' skin. I have naturally dry lips and they constantly lack of hydration, especially through the cold winter months. But, frankly speaking, a proper lip care routine is not something I strictly follow and most of the regular chapstick don’t seem to offer a long-term hydration. That's when the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask* comes to the rescue, it is not only feels super-moisturizing, but provides lips with a very special intensive treatment.

12 Colors Greasepaint Palette | Review & Swatches

liz breygel born pretty store party makeup beauty palette beauty blogger

It is always so exciting to receive a brand-new makeup palette and even though the next Halloween Event will return to us only the next year, from time to time I get the urge to get creative with my makeup. Today I want to show you a very special Sua Mei 12 Colors Greasepaint Palette* - a perfect makeup palette for those who like to play around with their makeup and use their imagination. This palette is a must - have for every makeup artist' kit, so let me tell you more about it.

Ultimate 'Single's Day' Gift Guide

Ultimate Single`s Day double eleven 11 Gift Guide ideas  liz breygel blogger

What is Double Eleven? The 11th of November date is made of four ones (11.11) and number `1` looks like a stick, single stick in Chinese language `guang gun` stands for single boy. So this day is officially a Singles' Day or Guanggun Jie, a day of the year when all the solitary people can celebrate their relationship status and glorify the fact that they are proud to be single. Double 11 festival or Bachelors' Day was initially held at various universities in Nanjing city during the 1990's, but since then more that 97 % of the countries in the world participated in the Double Eleven event.

Liphop Eye Brow Gel | Review & Demo

nur besten makeup review swatches buy online liz breygel blogger

We all know how important is to have nicely shaped and filled eyebrows but what is even more important is to keep your eyebrows looking natural. That is why eyebrow tints and gels were invented and became so popular nowadays, they always make a freshly filled eyebrow look flawless and help to keep those stubborn eyebrow hairs in place. Today I'm going to review Liphop Eye Brow Gel* - an affordable product that have become my favorite staple in my everyday makeup routine.

ToothBrush Shape Oval Makeup Brush Set | Review

how to use tooth brush oval shape artis makeup brush how apply makeup liz breygel blogger

It is official - I'm the last beauty blogger in the world who tried out and tested these infamous Tooth Brush Shape Oval Makeup Brushes*, these little cuties were on my beauty wishlist for a very long time, but the price of the original Artis or Mac makeup brushes is way too high. Luckily the online beauty and fashion retailer Rosegal has a remarkable dupe of this brush set that is so much cheaper than the original one, and today I'm going to share with you my first impression and find out if these brushes are really as good as they sound!