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Liphop Eye Brow Gel | Review & Swatches

nur besten makeup review swatches buy online liz breygel blogger
nur besten makeup review swatches buy online liz breygel blogger
nur besten makeup review swatches buy online liz breygel blogger
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We all know how important is to have a nicely shaped and filled eyebrows, but what is even more important is to keep your eyebrows looking natural. That is why an eyebrow tints and gels were invented and became so popular nowadays, they always make a freshly filled eyebrow look flawless and help to keep those stubborn eyebrow hairs on place. Today I`m going to review Liphop Eye Brow Gel* - an affordable product that have become my favorite staple in my every day makeup routine.

The formula of the Liphop Eye Brow Gel is incredibly long - lasting and smudge proof, the product stays on the eyebrows throughout the whole day without fading or clumping. The gel also dries very fast and it is very comfortable in use, thanks to the tiny wand applicator. The dark brown shade #02 is the perfect match for my brows at the moment, the texture of the gel is very creamy and pigmented, I needed a small amount of the product to cover both of my brows. I`m so happy that it feels lightweight once applied, because I can`t take the disturbing `crispy` feeling on the skin.

I like to use this gel right after I fill in the basic shape of my eyebrow, I gentle sweep the wand up and down to cover all the hairs in product. But it is important to be gentle with the application and not over apply the gel on the eyebrows or you will end up overdoing your brows. This product is very handy on those lazy days or when you don`t have too much time in the morning.

Last word, I certainly enjoy using this product and I want to recommend it to anyone who needs a quick and easy product to fill in the brows. The Liphop Eye Brow Gel is available in four different shades 01 - light brown, 02 - dark brown, 03 - blond, 04 - dark blond. I'll talk to you very soon, my lovelies!

Lots of love,
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