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How To Style Long Front Lace Wig For Beginners

natural curly hair
Picture by Tiko Giorgadze

Wearing long hair front lace wigs can be a lot of fun. You can wear it loose or style it in many different  ways. Still, when it comes to styling long and very long hair, it is easy to mess it up or end up with a comb stuck in the middle of a hair. Here is how you can avoid unwanted wig troubles, when caring for your front lace wig. First of all, make sure that chosen lace front wigs are made from natural hair. The straight hair wig should be one of these three textures: naturally straight, yaki straight - a hair that looks like it was flat-ironed, or silky straight hair.

Ocèane Purifying Clay Mask With Lavender | Review & Demo

Ocèane lavanda mascara resenha

Spring shower rains and warm zephyrs are slowly winning over winter's chilly temperatures. The weather is changing, so does my mood, which I like to support with the external shifts in my looks, adapting my look and surroundings. After a praising ode I dedicated to the lavender plant, its fragrant flowers, and nostalgic feeling it revives in me, I simply had to incorporate lavender facials in my spring skin care routine. And what could be better than yet another purifying skin mask, when your pores are as big as mine? Nothing! Therefore, here is my experience with Brazilian detox clay mask by the Ocèane brand, lovingly packed with my favorite lavender seeds and other beneficial ingredients.

How To Care For Long, Thin Hair In Winter | Hair Tips & Hacks

long and curly golden blonde hair, Liz Breygel

Winter is the most critical time of a year both for skin and hair. At times it can be challenging to maintain naturally healthy condition and almost impossible to avoid dry skin patches and hair breakage. According to dermatologist Deepali Bhardwaj, you may even experience increased hair foliage during winter time but don't get too nervous about the situation, as stress may even worsen the state. Remember, that as long as you are willing to take control over the situation it is not impossible to help your hair locks look healthier and bring back their natural shine. Here are my personal hair care tips, which I follow during the coldest time of a year. These rituals keep my long and fine hair in a healthy state, protecting it from severe winter weather.

A Guide To Matching Wedding Rings

couple with matching rings

If you are the type of couple that likes matching things, then there’s a great chance you will enjoy the thought and possibilities of matching wedding rings too. When two people come together, it’s only natural they want to share the deepest part of themselves and this then gets reflected in the outer symbols they show to the world.

Sweet Lavender: Minimal Nail Look For Spring 2020

pretty spring nail design, close up

Lavender is one of my favorite colors for springtime, especially its pastel variation. Sweet shade of lavender reminds me of the fragrant wild-flower meadows, which grow next to my granny's village house. I spend hours walking through the sun-warmed lands, breathing in natural aromas of thyme, lovage, yarrow, and, of course, sweet-smelling lavender. Cozied up by the feeling of nostalgia, I've decided to prepare my claws for the upcoming season of nature revival. Stay tuned to learn how to dip your nails in lavender and re-create this minimal nail look with ease.