portrait of a woman with naturally curly hair
Photo: Tiko Giorgadze

Wearing long hair-front lace wigs can be a lot of fun. You can wear it loose or style it in many different ways. Still, when it comes to styling long and very long hair, it is easy to mess it up or end up with a comb stuck in the middle of a hair. Here is how you can avoid unwanted wig troubles when caring for your front lace wig. First of all, make sure that chosen lace front wigs are made from natural hair. The straight hair wig should be one of these three textures: naturally straight, yaki straight – a hair that looks like it was flat-ironed, or silky straight hair.

  • Get along and sleek hairstyle by blow-drying hair to straighten your lace front wig, Use a big round brush to pull it tight and aim the hairdryer downwards the hair follicle, slowly pulling the brush from root to tip in 2-inch sections. Part hair in the middle, on the side, or with a nondescript, messy part. Add some smoothing pomade to define the hair texture and add shine.

a portrait of a woman with a messy curly hairstyle
Photo: Baylee Gramling

  • Get a relaxed, messy look in five minutes. Start by washing and conditioning hair. Let the part fall naturally. Start "scrunching" the front lace wig, while the hair is still damp with water. With the palm of your hand, push the hair up, towards the root. Work in small sections for better results. "Scrunch" all the hair and put the wig in a special plastic cap and let it air dry. While the hair is still slightly wet, use an anti-frizz hair product and gently rub it upwards from the hair ends. Now work in larger sections, "scrunching" the hair once again.  If your front lace wig is naturally straight, roll a few 1-inch sections around a medium-sized curling iron for a few seconds, and separate the curl a little with your fingers. Spray the final style with hairspray.

  • Create an amazing curly style. Use a previously described hair drying method, but this time heat a set of hot rollers. When the rollers are ready, use the medium-size rollers in the front, rolling 2-inch sections up and away from your face. The large rollers apply on the back and side parts of the wig, rolling 2-inch hair sections. Vary the direction of the curls to add more volume. Leave the rollers in the hair for 10 minutes. After, gently separate the curls with your fingers, loosen them up and spray each section with hairspray. When the hairspray is set, finish your curly wig style with a dime-size amount of anti-frizz product.

woman in glasses with a curly ponytail hairstyle
Photo: Gift Habeshaw

  • Put your front lace wig in a wavy ponytail. Repeat the blow-drying processes from the first hairstyle. After, evenly brush all the hair backward and put it in a high ponytail, securing it with a strong elastic band. Separate a 2-inch section of hair, smooth it up and roll it around two or three fingers. Just like in the previous method, keep the curls in different directions. Secure them with a few bobby pins on the crown of the head. Create more finger coils with the rest of the hair, pinning each roll to your head in the same way. Finally, spray the rolls with hairspray, and finish by smoothing the hair by patting the pomade carefully onto the rolls. Let your front lace wig air dry.

  • Update an everyday ponytail. Start by separating the front part of the wig and flip it forward towards your face. Put the rest of the virgin hair back and secure it temporarily away from your face. Take the front section of the front lace wig with your hand and carefully tease it with the comb. Flip the section backward, puff it up, creating volume, and secure the section from behind with two crossing bobby pins. Spray the front piece with hairspray. Put the rest of the hair into a high ponytail, secure it with elastic, and spray the rest of the hairstyle with hair spray as well. And you are done!

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