beautiful, newly-wedded couple with matching rings on their fingers

If you are the type of couple that likes matching things, then there’s a great chance you will enjoy the thought and possibilities of matching wedding rings too. When two people come together, it’s only natural they want to share the deepest part of themselves and this then gets reflected in the outer symbols they show to the world.

The wedding ring is an instant sign to others that we are joined to another and those who want matching wedding bands love the idea of sharing this tangible connection. Each couple as well will do it differently, some may choose identical wedding rings whereas others will choose very similar pieces, albeit there is still a small detail that differentiates the two. 

beautiful, newly-wedded couple with matching rings on their fingers

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Choosing the Best Matching Wedding Rings

If you want to go matching with your wedding rings, then it’s a good idea to follow these guidelines: 

  • Matching Metals. There are several ways you can mix around with the metals and match them, or choose contrasting types. You will find that yellow gold was often used in wedding bands but many couples also choose sterling silver. You may also find you want a combination of metals to give your ring a different look. This can be an exciting choice and something such as platinum can also be a stunning option for those who want modern matching bands. 

  • Think About Matching Gemstones. If you are wanting to match bands, then you may want to choose a different number of gems on the male and female rings. Naturally, you would think a woman’s band will have more prominent gemstones, but if you want to go down the matching route, you can always coordinate which stones you like or mix and match depending on your individual tastes. Other than diamonds, sapphires, for example, are also pieces popular for use not just in engagement rings, but also on wedding rings as well.

beautiful, newly-wedded couple with matching rings on their fingers

  • Think About A Special Message.  An engraving can be another aspect of a band that can make it match. You can create differences to add your own artistic element or you can choose matching words or sentiments that mean something to you both. This can be a subtler matching element as quite often the engraving is on the inner side of the ring where it isn’t obviously visible. However, this can be something special that you share together.

You may want to also consider matching shapes as this can be a beautiful theme you can tie into your wedding bands. As you can see, there are several ways to bring your ideas together so they match and complement each other.

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