will you marry me office proposal

If you are dreading proposing to your girlfriend, it might comfort you to know that many men have gone before you, and with a little forethought and some effective planning, you can make a proposal that will be remembered by both of you for all the right reasons. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • The Deserted Beach Proposal. This is best done with a little help from a friend, who would watch the hidden ring until the moment arrives. First, you have to select a quiet beach and an ideal time (sunrise or sunset), then take her for a walk along this stretch of beach. With the ring carefully hidden at a certain point, near a “will you marry me?” message in the sand, you gradually arrive at this point and then you can spring the surprise.

  • The Picnic Proposal. If you are a romantic, she won’t get suspicious if you invite her out for a summer evening picnic, with a chilled bottle of wine in your hamper. Of course, the ring can simply be in your pocket, or you could have someone walk by and drop a small bag, which contains the ring. There are many ways of doing this one, and you will likely need some help. If you have yet to acquire the ring, check out the great selection at https://www.ringleaders.com.au/, Brisbane’s leading jeweler who has an extensive selection of diamond engagement rings.

sunset beach proposal

  • The Dinner Bill Proposal. Take her to her favorite restaurant and after a delicious meal, call for the bill (which will contain a message from you) and ask her if she can pay. You could say that you forgot your wallet, or alternatively, you take the bill folder, look for a second and then say something like, “You should take a look at this” and hand it to her, while quickly producing the ring at the right moment. As a finale, you can have a bottle of champagne ordered, ready for the celebration, and the other guests will be delighted to see such a romantic thing you are likely to get a round of applause when she accepts. 

  • An Adventure Surprise. If you are both outdoor types, why not arrange for the proposal to happen during a joint adventure trip? If you like hiking, take her to the top of a nearby hill or somewhere there is a stunning view. At the right moment, unleash your surprise. Remember to include some wine in your backpack, so you can both celebrate.

  • The Public Address Proposal. This will take a little organizing, as you need to ask someone to make an announcement on your behalf at a critical moment. It could be a train station, airport, or a shopping mall, or anywhere where there is a PA system, and if you really want to be an extrovert, take her to the local footie game and have your proposal announced during halftime!

Whatever you decide, make sure you have everything planned and prepare for every eventuality. Even if this means enlisting some help, one of your good friends will surely step up to the plate.

Lots of love,