a close-up studio shot of the Ocèane clay mask with lavender exctract

Spring shower rains and warm zephyrs are slowly winning over winter's chilly temperatures. The weather is changing, so does my mood, which I like to support the external shifts in my looks, adapting my look and surroundings. After a praising ode, I dedicated to the lavender plant, its fragrant flowers, and the nostalgic feeling it revives in me, I simply had to incorporate lavender facials in my spring skincare routine. And what could be better than yet another purifying skin mask, when your pores are as big as mine? Nothing! Therefore, here is my experience with a Brazilian detox clay mask by the Ocèane brand, lovingly packed with my favorite lavender seeds and other beneficial ingredients.

Ocèane (translated as Ocean) cosmetic brands is very popular in Brazil, mostly because of their affordability and quality. Apart from skincare products, Ocèane develops a huge range of makeup and beauty accessories, which are sold in most beauty and drugstores in Brazil. They claim to be more than just another beauty brand, but a whole new philosophy in the cosmetic industry or a new way of living.

Lavender Face Mask by Brazilian Brand Ocèane

The lavender face mask is one of four detox clay masks in the line. Together with gold, tea tree, and charcoal masks, the lavender mask completes the peel-off express line, making the at-home facial treatments for Brazilian skincare lovers even more available than before. It is possible to find another four Ocèane peel-off masks: calendula, collagen, pearl, and vitamin. Though, I haven't seen them available online. 

There is 28 g. (almost 10 oz.) of the powder product in the packaging and this quantity is enough for multiple applications (though the packaging states it is for a single application.) Unfortunately, plastic packaging wasn't strong enough to handle the shipping. It came to me with a huge crack on the side of the pot. I had to find an urgent substitute for the damaged container, so the content ended up in a glass pot.

macro of the white clay mask by a close-up studio Ocèane

The ingredients include Diatomaceous earth mineral, which is mainly composed of fossilized remains of different species. It is rich in iron and magnesium and acts as a fine abrasive and cleansing agent. Of course, a lavender clay mask wouldn't be complete without Lavandula Angustifolia leaf extract. This natural ingredient is well-known for its healing, antibacterial and wrinkle-treating properties. Lavender also reduces inflammation and is effective in treating psoriasis and eczema.

How to Apply Skin-Purifying Clay Mask?

Wondering how to apply a clay mask on your face in the most effective way? Well, first of all, you need to find a perfect liquid to powder ratio for your product. The instructions on the packaging are not always true and sometimes you'll have to figure out the most appropriate proportions on the eye. But, no worries, it is really easy. Start by adding a small quantity of liquid, slowly adding more, and mixing. The final consistency of the clay mask should be smooth with no clumps, yet pretty thick. Don't use metal to mix the ingredients, as they are prone to oxidation and this can negatively affect the quality of your facial treatments.

close-up of a face with clay mask by a close-up Ocèane

To apply a clay mask on your face use special plastic, wood, or silicone mask brush. You can also apply it with your fingers, but, if your nails are long, it could be challenging to remove clay residue from them later. I personally use a combination of a silicone mask brush, which reminds me of a pastry brush, and my fingers. After I evenly distribute the clay mask on the face, I gently massage it into the skin, giving it very mild exfoliation (those blackheads won't disappear without proper stimulation!).

The final stage – waiting. Most clay mask instructions tell us to wait until the mask is dry and peel it off the skin. However, as I mentioned in my green clay mask post, professionals do not recommend waiting for the great drought to start and washing it off the face while it is still slightly damp. Wash the mask off and finish all the mandatory skincare steps – toning, hydrating, and moisturizing. 

The Takeaway

Results of regular, but not too frequent usage of lavender clay mask were satisfying – squeaky clean pores, smoothly exfoliating surface of the skin, and refreshed feel. Of course, if your skin is very dry and sensitive, I would suggest you be careful with any clay masks, as they could dry and irritate the skin. 

Right after the lavender mask is washed off the skin, it can look a bit red and feel tight, but the redness quickly disappears and moisture balance should be restored with lightweight face cream. Using an Ocèane lavender clay mask was quite a pleasant experience for me and my skin, hopefully,  I'll have an opportunity to test out their collagen mask as well. And do you like using clay masks? If so, what is your favorite at the moment? 

Lots of love,