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Sweet Lavender: Minimal Nail Look For Spring 2020

pretty spring nail design, close up

Lavender is one of my favorite colors for springtime, especially its pastel variation. Sweet shade of lavender reminds me of the fragrant wild-flower meadows, which grow next to my granny's village house. I spend hours walking through the sun-warmed lands, breathing in natural aromas of thyme, lovage, yarrow, and, of course, sweet-smelling lavender. Cozied up by the feeling of nostalgia, I've decided to prepare my claws for the upcoming season of nature revival. Stay tuned to learn how to dip your nails in lavender and re-create this minimal nail look with ease.

pretty spring nail design, close up

For my spring nail look I used only two products and sponge to create the ombré effect on the surface of the nails. On the tips of my nails I applied Candy Shannon nail stamping polish from Autumn Courtyard series. This nail polish is incredibly pigmented and perfectly suits the spring mood, even though it is a part of Autumn nail polish series, isn't it ironic?

To create the desired transition between lavender and bare nail, you'll have to practice a few times. Use light pressure and move the sponge quickly between the tip and the middle part of the nail. As a final, smoothing touch add a few coats of your favorite shiny top coat on your nails. Such low-key manicure lasts literally forever on my nails. I only need to re-apply it once in 10 days, maybe even more rare.

pretty spring nail design, close up

That's all for today, my lovelies, thank you so much for the visit. Please, let me know your thoughts on this spring nail design. Would you wear it yourself? And if you want to pamper your nails with brand new products don`t forget to use a special discount code LIZH10 at the checkout at Born Pretty to receive 10% off your purchase on the whole website. I will talk to you soon!

Lots of love,