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Long nails can be hard to maintain, they require a lean attitude and permanent care. The amount of nail polish, spend on covering one long nail plate is also growing proportionally to the length of this nail! For these particular reasons, many people prefer convenient shorter nails over long claws. If you are one of those people, who like to stay functional daily, then today's blog post is exactly for you! You don't have to have long nails to wear beautiful designs on them, especially with these five nail stamping plates, which you can use to decorate your cute shorties.

Born Pretty Artist L004 Nail Stamping Plate

Born Pretty Artist L004 Nail Stamping Plate*

I would like to start with one of the most unusual nail stamping plates by Born Pretty. It is an artistic rectangle plate made from stainless steel and places on a hard plastic base. Featuring 26 thin and subtle designs, this plate is ideal for short and medium-length nails. To reach the best results with this plate, use a special nail stamping polish with opaque, fast-drying formula and a good-quality base coat. I plan to use the most romantic design for St. Valentine's Day with this plate, to give each one of my fingernails a personalized story.

Born Pretty Valentine's Day BP-L004 Nail Stamping Plate

Born Pretty Valentine's Day BP-L004 Nail Stamping Plate*

The next nail stamping plate is truly special to me because it was the very first plate I have ever tried. It is just as romantic as the previous nail plate but features more conventional and cute designs. There are seven patterns, which you can use to cover your short and long nails, and around 15 tiny nail designs that look especially beautiful on short nails. My personal favorites from Valentine's Day nail stamping plate - the tiny unicorn, rainbow, and cupcake - go perfectly together. Just like the previous plate, it is made from stainless steel and glued onto a plastic base.

Born Pretty Arab Passion L-003 Nail Stamping Plate

Born Pretty Arab Passion L-003 Nail Stamping Plate*

Oh, how I love the Arab Passion nail plate! It has one of the most exotic nail patterns, which is ideal for shorter nails. The plate also has few patterns for long nails, but we aren't going to focus on them now. Three patterns, which remind me of the famous Islamic geometric patterns, are widely used in complex tilework as interior and exterior decorations. As an addition to these geometric patterns, there are 12 arabesque-like single elements, which you can use to create a more minimalist design on your nails and two hem-like patterns. I like using Arab Passion nail plate together with dark and nail polishes, to create an effect of antiquity on my nails.

Born Pretty Nicole Diary-089 Nail Stamping Plate

Born Pretty Nicole Diary-089 Nail Stamping Plate*

Unlike the three previous nail stamping plates, the Nicole Diary series plates are not glued to a hard base, and they are more prone to scratches, but display the most creative stamping designs. This specific nail plate is a part of Flower Collection and was designed for hot weather season and has 14 tropical designs: seven leafy, three floral, and two fruity among them. Stock up with juicy green, vivid pink, and yellow stamping nail polishes to get the prettiest summer-ready manicure.

Born Pretty Nicole Diary-088 Nail Stamping Plate close up

Born Pretty Nicole Diary-088 Nail Stamping Plate*

Another Nicole Diary stamping plate completes my top five blog post today. Another plate from Flower Collection, yet this time it is more appropriate for the fall season. It features an enormous amount of single-leaf and flower designs (35 to be exact!) and 18 hem-like patterns. Such petite designs are perfect for short nails, as they might get lost on the long nails. Use fall colors like orange, yellow, dark green, or fiery red to stamp these cute little flowers and leaves on your nails, and wear such manicures during the fall season.

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