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Silver Grace & Elegance With Jurielle

silver jewelry in hands close up

Silver is my favorite precious metal. Unlike warm-toned color of pure gold, the noble coldness of sterling silver goes better with my complexion and natural hair color. Furthermore, silver jewelry suits almost every outfit and is more affordable than white gold or platinum pieces.

Why choosing sterling silver over the pure silver? The reason is simple - in contrast to regular 99.9%  silver jewelry, pieces made from sterling silver, which is 92.5% alloy, are more durable and less bendy. Compared to 99.9% silver, sterling silver is less prone to tarnishing and various deformations.

Bewitched by the graceful elegance of sterling silver, today we are going to dive into the world of icy dazzle with JuriElle, who kindly sent me the most fascinating silver pieces I'm going to show you in this post. From queenly band ring shaped like a crown to a rose gold-plated delicate necklace. Which one you like the most?

silver jewelry in close up

Queen Crown Sterling Silver Ring*

Every pawn dreams of becoming the Queen one day. In my humble opinion, this is one of the most interesting design solution for an eye-catching ring band. Tiny crown peaks are enthroned with cubic zirconia gemstones and the band is also strewn with these stones. 

silver jewelry in close up

At first, I thought that the crown shape won't feel comfortable on a finger, especially if worn everyday, but I was mistaken. Such royal design is not only graceful but is also convenient for daily wear. What do you think, does it look too much or it is possible to pull off?

silver jewelry in close up

Twisted Silver Earrings With  Baroque Pearls*

I bet you all heard a famous quote that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Still, when you notice the real beauty of baroque pearls for the first time, you know that these are truly exceptional mineral. Every new baroque pearl, from the tiniest to the greatest, possesses a unique, uneven surface, odd shape, and muted pearlescent luster.

sterling silver jewelry in close up

The size of these non-spherical pearls is between 9.9mm - 10.7mm and they are placed on a twisted, opened hoops. The classic earring backing is closed behind your ear lobe with a clear and soft silicone closure, that comes in a set. The design is simple and lightweight. If you can't stand wearing heavy earrings, that stretch and irritate the ear lobe, then these silver earrings are exactly what you need. One of the best things about these earrings is that they can be easily worn with any casual outfit and on special occasions.

silver jewelry in close up
Bow-Knot Rose Gold Finish Necklace With Pear Cut Crystal*

Delicate and feminine, this rose gold necklace holds the exquisite beauty of refined crystals. Sterling silver is hidden under a thin coating of chic gold. A charming bow inlaid in tiny rhinestones is balanced on a chain with another fine chain. And, my favorite detail - a lovely pear cut crystal on the very end of this tiny chain.

silver jewelry in close up

The overall length of the bow-knot necklace is 42 cms, so it looks like a loose choker on the neck. Another beautiful feature - a classic trace weaving of the chain, which looks minimal and sophisticated. Such subtle jewelry piece is perfect for both everyday and evening wear. I wore this necklace for the first time on a date to the movies with my beloved husband and it looked fantastic with a casual black dress.

silver jewelry in close up

Glamorous White Gold-Plated Silver Ring Duo*

And the very last piece, actually two pieces, for today is this posh white gold-plated ring duo. These two gorgeous rings are just as glamorous as the first queen crown ring, and I'm sure that anyone would be happy to receive them as a romantic engagement and wedding gift.

sterling silver jewelry in close up

So, this sterling silver engagement ring duo features two glamorous bands - one for the actual marriage proposal and second for the wedding ceremony. The textured engagement ring, features a high-grated round cut cubic zirconia, well-known and widely used in the jewelry industry as a diamond simulator. And the second, wedding ring is garnished with a thick scattering of shiny gems and has a soft silver texture on it. You can wear this silver band on two different fingers, different hands, or string two rings on one finger at the same time.

Summing up, I want to express my sincerest gratitude to JuriElle for this exquisite opportunity to try on all of these gems. Silver is my favorite metal, it can effortlessly ennoble any relaxed outfit, making it look a few times more impressive and exclusive. These pieces continue to make me happy every other day, glamming up my and diluting my gray weekdays. If you want to treat yourself or people you love with a new, precious ensemble, you can use a special discount code Liz Breygel on official JuriElle website and receive a pleasant 15% off your purchase discount.

Lots of love,