beautiful bridesmaids in flowing dresses are posing in a field

Following my previous blog post, where I compiled the most alluring wedding dresses, today's blog post is going to be about the most charming bridesmaid dresses for fall, because these two partners in crime are inseparable! But, unlike the previous post, we are going to concentrate on the trendiest colors for the season. Here are some of my favorite fall-ready bridesmaid dresses, which I picked with the help of leading bridal retailer Coco's Bride. Ready to start? So, let's go!

Peaches & Cream

Delicate cream and sweet peachy shades are my two favorite color combinations. These pastel colors go so well together like they were made for each other. Of course, to accentuate the softness of the shades, pick the right silhouette for the dress. For example, a strapless sweetheart neckline, that emphasizes the beauty of the shoulders and cleavage, paired with a close-fitting skirt and decorated with a thin lace overlay. If you are ready for a little challenge, dress half of your beautiful bridesmaids in creamy dresses and the other half in peachy. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are the latest trend of the season!

Fairy In Sage

Refreshing shades of green best suit the natural-themed wedding ceremonies. Your lovely bridesmaids will look like enchanted forest fairies in flowing sage dresses. Completed with floral accessories and barely-there sandals, these natural ensembles will highlight the theme of your fall wedding ceremony and play on the contrast with the white bride's dress. 

Expecting A Miracle

Having a bridesmaid, who is expecting a miracle, is double joy! For future mommies, there are a bunch of stylish maternity bridesmaid dresses, that will match the bride's wedding dress and be comfortable. Soft and elegant, this season is going to be filled with intense violet, navy, and emerald green shades. These colors are ideal for the end of the fall season and such wedding themes as lavender weddings, forest weddings, and lake house ceremonies. Don't they look heavenly?

Lots of love,