three bridesmaids in short and long dresses

One of the most exciting and the most difficult tasks of wedding planning is selecting perfect bridesmaid dresses for your lovely girlfriends. Baby pink or pastel lavender, off-shoulder or sweetheart, silk or chiffon: you want to pick the best option, that will both match your wedding theme and please every bridesmaid. But one of the most epic battles usually unfolds between short and long bridesmaid dresses. Today we are going to find out how to choose the right length for a bridesmaid dress and fulfill all the wishes of your girls.

collage with three pastel bridesmaids dresses for romantic wedding theme

Short bridesmaid dresses are usually considered more versatile and comfortable, especially if you plan to have an outdoor wedding. Your lovely bridesmaids will also appreciate lightweight materials, which typically work better with shorter dresses. Short girls may feel uncomfortable in a floor-length dress, that's why short bridesmaid dresses are always the best options for petite women. 

collage with three pastel bridesmaids dresses for romantic wedding theme

Medium-length bridesmaid dress is a perfect compromise between a sassy short length and a classic floor-length dress. It is short enough to be comfortable and convenient enough to wear to a different special occasion in the future. A medium-length dress will reveal lends and therefore, shoe lovers can make footwear a bigger part of their wedding outfit. 

collagecollage with three pastel bridesmaids dresses for romantic wedding theme

And, finally, the good old classic: gracious and feminine long bridesmaid dress. Long and beautiful long bridesmaid dresses tend to look more formal and elegant, than their short colleagues. Some girls may feel uncomfortable, showing off their legs, that's why some of your bridesmaids may prefer longer dresses. Floor-length will also hide shoes - sad news for show lovers, but good news for girls, who like to wear comfortable footwear.

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