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Are you planning to have your wedding ceremony during the most romantic time of the year? Fall is one of the best seasons for weddings, therefore you will want to incorporate warm and smoky colors in your wedding theme as well. Nowadays, your options for autumnal wedding decor are limitless: from fallen leaves, pumpkins, and candles to the rustic lights and pumpkin-spiced meals for your guests.

At times, it can be so hard finding the right concept and course of action. In case you need some unique wedding inspiration, here are a few seasonal and vibrant ideas for your fall wedding. Together with online wedding store MillyBridal, I've combined three gorgeous fall wedding themes, that will fit your autumnal wedding ceremony and will be remembered by you and your guest for a very long time!

color inspiration collage with rustic Wedding palette

Rustic Wedding 

The fall season is full of warm and sunny days, that's why you should plan your fall wedding in outdoor locations. You can host your rustic wedding in many locations with alluring countryside appeal. Give a light makeover to an old farm, ranch, or set your celebration amidst meadow. The vibrant mustard floor-length bridesmaid dresses look ideal for rustic-themed weddings, whether your wedding ceremony is going to be more traditional, modern, or countryside-inspired. The fall season is pumpkin and mushroom season and you can use both of these delicious gifts of nature as cute and affordable decorations.

color inspiration collage with Marsala and laurel Wedding palette

Marsala & Laurel Wedding 

Rich and intense colors are the best if you plan your wedding in the months of a year. Ripe marsala color beautifully contrasts with a refreshing shade of laurel green. These two colors create a perfect combination for your fall wedding ceremony. Pairing these two colors with blushing pink and vivid pumpkin shades warms up the color palette. 

Consider choosing your wedding dress and groom's wedding attire in these elegant autumnal shades. Dry laurel leaves look absolutely beautiful and thematic, they can serve as natural decorations for the table and furniture. Add a few fresh laurel branches to your wedding bouquet for a refreshing accent.

color inspiration collage with Mauve & Gray Wedding palette

Mauve & Gray Wedding

Who said that faded mauve and gray colors are only for spring weddings? Mauve peonies, light gray invitations, candles, naked fall trees... it is hard to imagine a more romantic atmosphere! Soft purples and grays are one of the most popular colors for weddings, despite the season. You can never go wrong with mauve and gray because these neutral shades complete each other. 

Don't forget to choose a matching wedding dress in these appealing calm shades. Mauve and gray look amazing with almost every other color family, therefore you can add different wedding decorations, or even make your own! Add a few antique silver details and gloomy fabric arrangements for a dark chic fall wedding.

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