a close-up of pale woman's face with a dramatic vampire makeup look and false blood tears for Halloween.

Hey lovelies, can you hear those weird and disturbing sounds? I guess that Halloween creeps towards the back door, waiting for the perfect time and place to begin the trick-or-treating ritual. Did you know that All Hollows Eve is one of the oldest celebrations in the world? It is believed to have originated over 2000 years ago from ancient Celtic harvest festivals and was brought to the United States by immigrants from Europe in the late 1920s.

Today Halloween is the most popular and beloved autumnal festival, associated with traditional activities such as pumpkin hunting, ghosting, and dressing up in sinister costumes. There are many fun activities to enjoy, but the costume contest is one of the best and the most admired Halloween traditions.

The Feast of the Dead (another name for Halloween) opens up a unique world of possibilities for creating your own spooky costume and trying out an unexpected makeup look. Choosing a suitable Halloween costume is always a difficult decision to make, so it is better to start thinking about it at least a month before an actual eve.

a close-up of pale woman's face with a dramatic vampire makeup look and false blood tears for Halloween.

The most important task is finding your personal style, that will showcase your individuality and emphasize your true self. That's why this year I've decided to derive my inspiration from my favorite theme in folklore and fiction — vampires. Classic vampire aesthetic movies like ''Interview with the Vampire'', '' Queen of the Damned'' and ''Bram Stoker's Dracula'' always inspire me to play with makeup and clothing. 

...my love, I was mortal till you gave me your immortal kiss...

The vampire theme is probably the most mystical and appealing, plus you can't go wrong with a Gothic vampire costume. I love the beauty of baroque attire, silver jewelry, and smoldering makeup. If you decided to be a sexy vampire this Halloween eve and looking for simple and interesting Halloween makeup to complete your costume this simple step-by-step tutorial is for you.

a close-up of pale woman's face with a dramatic vampire makeup look and false blood tears for Halloween.

How to Do Vampire Makeup Look for Halloween?

  • Begin with the foundation...
All vampires have pale, almost transparent skin, covered in blue, purple, and red veins. To make my skin whiter I used a white artistic Duo Cake foundation by Brazilian brand Veridica It. Apply the white foundation on your face and use a makeup sponge to blend it out. Re-apply the foundation on the areas, where you need more coverage. Don't forget to apply foundation on the neck and ears, it is very important.

  • Set with powder...
Vampires don't shine (unless it is a Twilight film), so we need to set the foundation on the face with white or transparent translucent powder. Use a fluffy kabuki brush to apply a thin layer of powder and dust away the excessive amount of product.

  • Define eyebrows
Fill in the shape of your natural brows with a sharpened eyebrow pencil, brow pomade, or powder. Usually, vampires' eyebrows are thin and ached, but I decided to leave my eyebrows natural. Follow my easy step-by-step eyebrow tutorial to learn how to fill in your eyebrows.

  • Apply primer on eyelids...
Cranberry smoky eyes are perfect for a vampire makeup look. Apply the primer all over your eyelid, up to the brow bone, and blend it with a ring finger. Give the product some time to absorb into the skin. Apply cranberry matte color on your eyelid and use a lighter color to blend it on the crease. Use the same color for the bottom lash line, dragging the color down to create a restless eye effect. 

  • Add black eyeshadow....
Intensify the smokey eye with black matte eyeshadow, tightline the bottom and upper waterline with black eye kohl, and apply mascara. You can also use a pair of false eyelashes to add even more drama to your eyes. Now it is time to add some 'infected' veins under your eyes and on the neck. I used a thin eyeliner brush and a few lipsticks to draw veins, but you can also use lip pencils. 

a close-up of a neck with a sfx vampire bite mark and false blood

  • Time for vampy lips...
For the lips, I used two colors: bright bloody red and dark burgundy, to create a beautiful ombré effect on the lips. Line your lips with a sharp lip pencil and will be in the shape with it. Use s small lip brush and apply a bloody red color to the lips. For the inner part of the lips use dark burgundy lipstick and gently blend it with the bright red lipstick.

  • Add a vampire bite to the neck...
The finishing touch – a vampire bite mark on the neck. Obviously, my character was freshly bitten by a vampire, so a wound still remains on the skin. I used regular eyelash glue to add texture to the bite marks and theatrical blood. I also applied some blood to the corner of my lips and later to my eyes to emulate bloody tears. 

a close-up of pale woman's face with a dramatic vampire makeup look and false blood tears for Halloween.

  • Final touches...

Finish your Halloween vampire costume with a black lace corset and a floor-length vintage-looking skirt. Add a gorgeous statement necklace on the neck and loosen your hair. Voilà, sexy vampire Halloween makeup look, and simple costume are ready. It was so much fun creating this look and taking pictures! In my opinion, this is the perfect look, which you can recreate at the last minute before an actual Halloween party. You can also add a pair of colored contact lenses to complete your vampiric look or use black lipstick instead of a bloody red shade.

a close-up of pale woman's face with a dramatic vampire makeup look and false blood tears for Halloween.

Wrapping Up...

The vampire makeup look isn't too scary, but on the other hand, it is creepy and dramatic enough to compete for the best Halloween costume! That's all for today, ladies and gentlemen, I really hope that my little step-by-step tutorial was somehow useful to you, or at least inspired you to try out something new this Halloween. Please, let me know your thoughts on this look down below in the comments. Do you like to dress up at Halloween parties? What are you going to become this Halloween?

Lots of love,