a picture of a womans hands holding fall wedding bouquet
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If summer weddings are all about warmth and vividness, then the fall season is a perfect time to dive into calamity and moodiness. It is hard to find more romantic locations, filled with colorful fallen leaves and tastier seasonal cuisines. Only the fall season can provide you with such an abundance of colors, flavors, and luxury. Fall wedding flowers and centerpieces always showcase nature's variety in its true beauty. A bride's bouquet that holds the deepest shades of the natural palette will add a finishing touch to your wedding look and to the theme of your fall ceremony.

With the guidance of the online flower shop Plant Shed, I've put together a few fall wedding bouquet ideas. So, if you are a fan of the fall season and plan to hold your wedding ceremony in the fall, consider these seasonal flowers for your bridal bouquet. From sophisticated garden roses and innocent asters to flaming celosia and well-loved dahlias. These flowers will please every wedding theme, taste, and budget, whenever you are going to make your own bridal bouquet or refer to the best florist NYC for help.

a close up photo of a rose flower
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What Flowers Are in Season for a Fall Wedding?

You shouldn't worry about the look of your fall bridal bouquet and other wedding flower decorations. The fall season is rich in stunning wedding flowers that vary in color, shape, and texture. Some of the most popular fall-season flowers include roses, asters, celosias, gerberas, and calla lilies. These flowers are always available on the market. So you will easily find them whether you shop yourself or with the New York City florist.

  • Hybrid Tea Rose

Of course, the rose is the most popular flower option of all, as it is possible to find a perfect rose in any color and size. There is a diversity of beautiful rose species available in the fall. A hybrid tea rose, created by cross-breeding two different types of roses, blooms in a single fragrant flower on one stem.

  • Flaming Celosia

Another gorgeous fall flower is Celosia. You may know it as Cock's comb or Wool flower. It has flame-like, vertical heads, which are very durable and long-lasting. Celosia comes in saturated yellow, purple, red, orange, pink, and deep maroon colors, and all of them fit the traditional fall wedding palette. The plant grows annually, and it is as easy to find as roses.

a close-up picture of a dahlia flower head
Photo: Toan Chu

  • Sunny Dahlias

Dahlias are just as popular among brides and florists as flowers. They add volume, and poshness to the bouquet and make a great centerpiece of any flower arrangement. Dahlia's flower head is large and heavy, but it still mixes well with other delicate flowers and leaves in a bouquet.

  • Black-Eyed Susan

Planning a cottagecore theme for the wedding, but can't find matching flowers? Look no further, because the black-eyed Susan flower was made for a farm-inspired wedding. Their large flowers with opened petals feature a dark-brown center. Different varieties of black-eyed Susan offer various fall-appropriate colors including bright red, brown, and burnt orange.

a close-up picture of a purple fountain grass spike
Photo: pixabay

Other Elements in the Fall Bouquet

To add more texture and divergence to your bridal bouquet ask your florist for additional elements like fall berries, cereal crops, grass, feathers, and other foliage. You can add them yourself, referencing other elements and flower arrangements at your wedding. Make sure to follow the overall theme of the ceremony to keep its mood and the integrity of the color palette.

  • Purple Fountain Grass

Purple fountain grass, for instance, is the ideal companion of a rustic wedding theme. The beauty of the purple-brown spikes, which spread out like a firework, makes it a perfect addition to the rustic bouquet. If you aren't a big fan of flower decorations or want to have a low-budget wedding, then you can use this grass instead of blooms.

a close-up picture of a blueberry branch with berries
Photo: Vitya Lapatey

  • Cold-time Berries

Various fall berries also make a great addition to bouquets and arrangements. Fiery-red winterberries (Ilex verticillata) stay attached to the branches long after the last leaves fall off of the trees. Juniper berries surrounded by evergreen pine spikes will remain fresh-looking in the bouquet for a considerably long time. And blueberry branches look fantastic with both dome-shaped flowers and ripe blueberries.

  • Fall Foliage

Colorful fallen leaves are the most affordable and easily obtainable wedding decoration. Instead of simply buying fall foliage, you can save some money and turn this task into a fun quest. Gather them at a bridal shower, or simply ask your friends and relatives to lend you a hand. You can make this day special, take a ton of pre-wedding pictures, and collect memories that will last for much longer than any decoration.

Let's Summarize...

Remember, your bridal bouquet and flowers at your wedding ceremony is a canvas for your personal story. Let the colors and textures of fall tell yours, whispering of cozy evenings by the fireplace, crisp mornings painted with golden light, and the joyful abundance of the harvest. As you walk down the aisle, may your flowers radiate not just autumn's beauty, but the love, laughter, and warmth that will forever bloom in your hearts.

Lots of love,