bride in the field holding wedding bouquet
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When planning a wedding, flowers are a necessary checklist item for all brides, and their choice is included in the bouquet, centerpieces, and all floral arrangements throughout the ceremony and reception. The bride's choice of flower defines how much they spends on their wedding flowers and what choices are available to them according to their budget.

Some brides do not have an extended budget when it comes to matters such as flowers, and they may need to choose alternatives to the most traditional flowers. They can review wedding flowers from the most traditional to inexpensive options that are just as lovely as the most expensive floral choices in the florist shop.

#1. Roses

Roses are the most traditional wedding flowers, and they are available in a variety of colors. Brides are not limited to white roses for their wedding. They can choose red, pink, or even lighter shades such as blush or even roses that feature more than one hue. The flowers are elegant when paired with a baby's breath. Brides that want to review more flowers for their wedding start by visiting a local flower shop now.

#2. Peonies

Peonies are elegant flowers that create a beautiful bouquet for a wedding, and they have larger blooms. Many brides who loved "Gossip Girl," chose these flowers to honor their favorite character, Blair, who carried peonies when marrying her prince. 

Pink peonies are a wonderful choice for a bridal bouquet, and the florist can trim the stalks to make them easier for the bride to hold as she walks down the aisle. Many florists are creating ribbon wraps for boutiques with larger flowers, and the bride can add a variety of trinkets to the ribbons to make them more of their own style.

a bouquet of Hydrangeas on the window close to the cup of tea
Photo: Assem Gniyat

#3. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are beautiful and create immaculate balls of tiny flowers, and they are available in blues and pinks according to what soil they are planted in. When choosing hydrangeas, the boutique should have a more circular shape to keep the flowers stable. When using fresh flowers for a boutique, the bride needs to have better control over the flowers. Hydrangeas will stay fresh during the wedding ceremony, but some of the blooms could fall off, and it is best to plan ahead for this when creating the boutique.

#4. Orchids

Orchids offer a spray of flowers that greet a larger boutique for some, however, the bride may choose to carry individual stalks of the flowers instead of a full boutique. There are a variety of orchids in different colors although white orchids are ideal for weddings. Brides may also choose to add a combination of flowers with orchids to give them more depth and hold them more steady in the boutique. Roses are a great choice to add with orchids to make the boutique more unique yet more traditional.

#5. Lilacs

Lilacs are wonderful choices for weddings, and they are simple and fragrant. They create a pretty boutique for any bride who wants a more laid-back design for their wedding. Their florist can create a boutique with sprigs of flowers wrapped with a pretty ribbon, and the bride can enjoy the amazing fragrance for many days after their wedding. The flowers are easy to press if the bride wants to use the lilacs to create a keepsake.

bouquet of dahlias
Photo: Micheile Henderson

#6. Dahlias

Dahlias are beautiful flowers with pointed petals and come in a variety of shades. White dahlias are a popular choice for weddings, and brides or bridesmaids may even wear the flowers in their hair. They provide elegance but also a more 1950s rockabilly style. If the bride wants to create a theme wedding, they are a great choice. Decorate bridesmaids' dresses with dahlias, and add a few flowers to your bouquet.

#7. Anemones

Anemones are pretty flowers that are white with black centers, and they are a great choice for brides who want to add a more gothic vibe to their wedding. If they have chosen darker colors for their bridesmaids the anemones are exceptional choices for the bride and coordinate well with the darker colors. However, the black centers will stand out and create a monochrome look for brides who want to wear a white dress and choose alternative shades for bridesmaids.

#8. Tulips

Tulips are another traditional choice that is great for a wedding, and the flowers are strong. When creating a bouquet, it is easy to keep them flowing in the same direction, and brides can choose from a variety of hues.

bride is holding bouquet of calla lilies
Photo: Maria Orlova

#9. Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are the perfect choice for weddings set up in tropical areas, and the flowers will thrive in these areas and last longer during the wedding and after. Brides can choose white or burgundy calla lilies for their wedding and create more of a contrast in their colors. If they choose pastel colors for their bridesmaids' dresses the white lilies are a pretty choice as it looks more like spring. Burgundy is a great color for fall weddings and contrasts well with darker bridesmaids' dresses.

#10. Ranunculus

Ranunculus gives the bride the same look as roses, but they don't cost as much as roses. Brides who want a more Victorian style for their wedding often choose flowers. The brides can choose from colors such as yellow or pink to add contrast to white ranunculus. They can also choose their flower colors according to hues that are complementary to their bridesmaids' dresses.

Final Thoughts...

Wedding plans start with common checklist items that all brides want for their big day. The flowers are high on the list, and many brides search for the perfect flowers to create bouquets and centerpieces. When calculating the cost of the wedding, the flowers are a consideration that could change as the bride chooses other elements of the ceremony and reception.

Brides who are on a budget will avoid the most expensive flowers and seek alternatives that are just as beautiful but won't break the bank. While roses are the most traditional, they are not always the most cost-effective, and a review of alternative choices may fit within the bride's budget more effectively.

Lots of love,