a couple in wedding attire laying on the beach
Photo: Jonathan Borba

The recent worldwide pandemic outbreak has surely struck all of us. Still, after a whole year, or even a year and a half of postponing the big day, couples have finally returned to wedding planning. When the final lockdown restrictions are going to be canceled, everyone will rush to declare their endless love to each other. Isn't this exciting? However, some couples will have to opt-out for frugal ceremonies, as the Covid-19 pandemic forces us to be more rational, and cut away all of the extra expenses.

A small-budget wedding doesn't necessarily mean something negative. A lot of people prefer a small, casual ceremony over a large wedding. Plus, during the post-Covid times, it has more pros than cons. With the guidance and help of the Allaboutsuit store, I've picked out some of the best groom suits for your low-key wedding ceremony. They shouldn't break your budget, and you will be able to rock your suit later, without actually wasting this money.

Something Blue

Blue is not going to be your first color of choice for the groom's suit. Black wedding suits look too strict for casual ceremonies, and gray may be too boring for you. That's when the light shade of blue comes up. It is one of the most universal colors, especially for summer. Pair your light-blue groom's suit with white boots, and sunglasses.

Summer Linen

The next groom's suit is going to be perfect for casual wear or as a prom suit. You can wear it for a low-key beach wedding as well. It is made of linen, and linen is the best material for summer. It is breathy and lightweight, so you will feel comfortable throughout the whole ceremony. Pick a matching fedora hat to protect your head from the sun and you are ready for the big day.


Smart Casual

If you want to look effortless, but still refined, opt for the next suit. It has a beautiful ivory shade that will go well with the beige bridal dress. Combine it with a light-blue button-up shirt, and a pair of brown loafers. This is an example of a well-planned casual look in all of its beauty!

men wearing a relaxed wedding suit on beach

Salmon, not Pink

No, this is not pink, it is salmon, a faded salmon color. The color of the sunset, sparkling wine, and the color of your future casual summer suit. Layer it over the basic white tee or relaxed shirt to emphasize its simplicity and the tropical vibe. It will look awesome on your tanned skin.

a man in a retro suit is posing in the field


Simply cut linen jacket, vest, and slim pants. This suit may look too classy for a casual wedding still, it provides the oh-so-needed sophistication to the whole look. I see this retro-casual suit at a low-key outdoor celebration. Maybe it can be a backyard wedding? What do you think? Don't forget to use a special discount code NEW. Every new visitor to the store will get a $20 discount.

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