close-up of a perfume bottle on a plain background in natural light

Released in 2015, and marketed by Lifestyle perfumes, Cherryliscious is a sweet-fruity perfume for women. I'm sure that everyone who lives in the EU is familiar with this brand and maybe with its scents. It is an affordable perfume for younger people that you can wear for various occasions. If you are interested in knowing a little more about this scent, keep reading my review.


Cherryliscious perfume by Lovemore comes in a petite bottle, sweetly decorated with a heart-shaped label accompanied by two ripe cherries. The design of the flacon is simple yet very appealing. It goes well with the whole theme of summer vibes and a youthful mood. I got the smaller 25 ml version of the fragrance. A large 50 ml is also available for purchase. It is shaped like a heart and has the name of the scent written on it in red letters.

close-up of a perfume bottle laying on a plain background in natural light

Compositions & Notes

Now, let's talk about the aroma composition behind the Cherryliscious perfume. When creating this scent, Lovemore's was inspired by the tender blossom of cherries and their delicious fragrance. Still, cherries are not the only fruits you'll feel in Cherryliscious bouquets. You will also be able to enjoy the gentle bitterness of grapefruit, the earthiness of blackcurrants, and the sugary sweetness of raspberries. The perfume's heart notes consist of floral scents: freesia, violet, and cherry blossom.

Cherryliscious isn't your regular soft and airy fragrance. It opens up with confident sweetness that overwhelms olfactory receptors from the very beginning. The scent is dense and hot, yet it doesn't lack a fruity freshness. 

If you prefer a delicate veil of fragrance over dulcet perfumes, I wouldn't recommend you go for a particular scent. Luckily, Lovemore has a bunch of various perfumes for every nose's taste. Their scents vary from stimulating green to thick vanilla and sandalwood compositions.

close-up of a perfume bottle on a plain background in natural light

Occasion & Longevity

The scent fits both daytime and evening, however, it might be too sweet and flirty for formal meet-ups. Its sweetness would rather complement a youthful and girly personality rather than emphasize the status of an older person. It is also more of a spring-to-summer perfume, as was claimed by the brand. But I have to say it may dilute the wintery cold and fall spleen with its fun mix of flavors.

I was also pleasantly surprised with its longevity which is hard to find even in designer perfumes. On my skin and clothes, it lasted a good 4 to six hours. I could even feel the scent of base notes the next day. I would say it is not bad for such an affordable formula and brand.

close-up picture of a perfume bottle laying on a plain background in natural light

Final Thoughts...

Of course, some might say Cherryliscious is a generic perfume. It has nothing original and extraordinary in its composition, and there are a lot of signature scents that work better for the wearer. It all might be true, but I still loved this perfume. It has everything you need for the after-the-shower routine or for a casual walk in good company. And what are your thoughts? Do you give a chance to affordable fragrances?

Lots of love,