an aestehtic photo of chanel perfume laying on white bed sheets
All photos: Laura Chouette

As someone who appreciates the finer things in life, I've always believed that a well-chosen fragrance is a reflection of one's personality and style. The quest to find your signature scent is not just about smelling good; it's about finding a fragrance that becomes an extension of yourself, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. Finding your signature scent can be a journey, but it is well worth it. In this blog post, I will share 5 simple steps that will help you to find your signature scent.

  • Step 1: Understand What a Signature Scent Is

A signature scent is more than just a fragrance that you like wearing; it's a representation of your individuality and your personal style. It's a perfume that people associate with you, that lingers in their memory long after you've left the room. 

To find your signature scent, you need to explore fragrances and learn about fragrance families. There are four primary fragrance families: floral, fruity, woody, and oriental. Each family has its own unique set of notes, so it is necessary to know which family you are drawn to.

  • Step 2: Explore Fragrances That Suit You

"Choosing a signature perfume is like choosing an outfit that complements your personal style," says fragrance expert Sarah McCartney. Start by identifying the fragrance families that appeal to you. What perfume tickles your senses, and attracts your attention? This initial exploration will help narrow down your options and make the selection process less overwhelming.

Visit perfume counters or shops that offer various testers. Spritz different fragrances both on test stripes and on your skin (wrists are a common spot) and let them settle for a few minutes. Then smell each fragrance at intervals to see how the scent evolves with time. 

Don’t rush your decision. Perfume can change as it interacts with your skin chemistry, so after getting a sample, wear it for a day. This will allow you to see how fragrance suits you in different conditions. Remember that some scents work better in certain seasons or situations. Light, fresh scents are often preferred for daytime or summer, while heavier, spicier scents might be more fitting for evenings or colder months.

an aestehtic photo of chanel perfume laying on white bed sheets

  • Step 3: Consider Your Lifestyle

Your signature scent should seamlessly blend into your daily life. British perfumer  Roja Dove recommends thinking about the place you'll be and when you'll be wearing a particular fragrance. A light, citrusy scent might be perfect for daytime activities, while a richer, more intense fragrance could be ideal for evening events. Choose a perfume that aligns with your unique style, your way of living and enhances your overall presence.

  • Step 4: Test and Test Again

Testing various perfumes is crucial to finding the right one. Start by sampling fragrances from different fragrance families. Apply a small amount to your wrist or the inside of your elbow and let it settle for a few hours. Pay attention to the notes that you like and dislike. Fragrances can evolve over time, so be patient and give each scent a chance to reveal its full character. 

Once you have a few fragrances that you are interested in, try them on your skin. This will give you a better idea of how they smell and how they last.

  • Step 5: Consider Longevity and Application

Perfume longevity varies from person to person due to factors like skin type and environmental conditions. "Look for fragrances with good longevity if you want your scent to last throughout the day," recommends perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Additionally, apply your chosen perfume sparingly. A few spritzes on pulse points (wrists, neck, and behind the ears) are usually sufficient for a lasting and pleasant effect.


Finding your signature scent is a process of trial and error. Don't be afraid to experiment, trying out different fragrances, and changing the fragrance's families and brands. If you need expert help, don't be afraid to ask for fragrance guidance. In time you'll learn to understand the nuances, finding the exact perfume that matches your lifestyle.

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