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Finding the perfect holiday gift is a daunting challenge! Especially if it's a picky person or someone who already has everything they need. Luckily, if the person you want to surprise this holiday season is a beauty or skincare lover, the challenge becomes much more manageable. Do you know why? Because one can't have enough beauty oils, serums, and tools on your shelf. And it is so true!

To help you with the gift-picking task, I've summed up 15 incredible gift ideas. These little presents will surely impress even the most demanding beauty lover! From the most practical, but original things, to trendy tools and products. Here you'll find the best gift ideas for the people you love.

collage with christmas gift ideas that includes beauty care tools and products

  • #1. Relaxing Scalp Massager

Let's begin with a hair care tool that looks like a pet's grooming device – a scalp massager. It is a very handy tool everyone will use in their beauty routine! The massager will exfoliate dandruff, stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, and help to relax tension. It will also help your hair growth serums and nourishing oils to absorb faster into the skin, making them work better.

  • #2. Face Massage Tool

Tools for facial massage come in all sizes, shapes, and price ranges. When it comes to facial massages, they are a great alternative to fingers. Jade face rollers, face sculptors, pore smashers, and gua sha tools have pros and cons. Choose something you like to use yourself. If you aren't sure what tool to gift, pick the one estheticians and dermatologists recommend to try.

  • #3. Silk Hair Scrunchies & Wraps

Everyone with long hair needs headbands, scrunchies, and hair wraps made of natural silk. It is simply a mandatory material for shiny and healthy hair strands with no breakage. Unfortunately, most of us forget to invest in them. But you can fix these little mistakes by gifting one of them for Christmas. Your friends and relatives with long hair will appreciate a silky hair accessory, it is a fact!

  • #4. Carbonated Clay Face Mask

Christmas is a perfect time for fun gifts! But that if you can combine fun with practicality? For those of your friends, who are obsessed with skincare, present a carbonated face mask by Elizavecca! It exfoliates dead skin cells and unclogs pores in no time. Plus, the whole process is fun and unusual: the face mask oxidizes on the skin forming fun soap-like bubbles on the surface of the skin.

  • #5. Ultrasonic Face Scrubber

What is your favorite method of facial cleansing? Many skincare lovers experience difficulties finding a method that works best for their skin. An ultrasonic face scrubber will be the best Christmas gift for everyone with sensitive facial skin. As an addition to the main present, you can also supply them with a set of neutral face cleansers.

  • #6. Set of Natural Beauty Oils

It is impossible to imagine a beauty lover, who doesn't use beauty oils in their skincare routine. Natural oils are just as mandatory for healthy skin as water balance and regular exfoliation. If you can't find a perfect Christmas gift for your skincare-obsessed friend, a set of natural oils is a win-win variant. You simply can't go wrong choose it!

  • #7. Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer is my personal must-have! As a person with long and thin hair, I can't imagine my day without this hair tool. A compact, but very effective, tangle teezer will brush out even the naughtiest hair. It can be used even on wet hair! Gift each of your friends a tangle teezer for Christmas and they will thank you for this present all year long.

collage with christmas gift ideas that includes beauty care tools and products

  • #8. Flawless Foundation Makeup Brush

This viral makeup brush will be a valuable addition to the makeup kit. The Flawless Foundation brush looks like a large kabuki brush with a flat heel. Brushes anatomy allows an effortless, smooth makeup application. Whether you want to gift it to a makeup beginner, or a professional makeup artist, this brush is an excellent present. 

  • #9. Healing Cuticle Oil

Every beauty lover will appreciate the gift of a healthy, long nail. Cuticle oil is used to nourish and moisturize dry cuticles. For a present, pick a high-end brand and nourishing natural ingredients like almond or jojoba oil. A vitamin-infused formula will also repair any skin damage a cold winter's weather causes. I would love a present like this!

  • #10. Tasty Lip Scrub

Gentle lip skin suffers from cold weather just as the skin on the hands and face. Present your loved ones with a delicious lip scrub made from moisturizing ingredients. You can DIY lip scrub with a unique, caring formula. Ingredients like shea butter and fine sugar crystals will come in handy! Branded packaging for your lip scrubs with a Christmassy design will add a cute touch to the present.

  • #11. Moisturizing Massage Bar

The massage bar is a solid piece of moisturizing lotion. They are made to massage and moisturize your skin. All at the same time! Massage bars come in various shapes and ingredients, and they are fantastic Christmas gifts. Skincare brands like Lush and Marbella Cosmetics have many options available.

  • #12. Nail Design Stamper

Nail stamping is such a fun way to dilute boring everyday nail looks. If your friends love doing their nails at home, they will appreciate this tool. I have used a silicone nail stamper by Born Pretty for years and recommend you choose it for a present. I also suggest you select one or two stainless steel plates with a holiday design, as an addition to the stamper.

  • #13. Heated Eyelash Curler

Perfectly curled, fluffy lashes are a dream for every makeup lover. For some of us, this look can be achieved only with the help of lash extensions and falsies. If your sister or mom struggles to get their lashes curled with a regular curler, present them with a heated tool. It works better and holds the curl longer than a traditional lash curler. 

  • #14. Reusable Makeup Remover Pad

Makeup wipes are synthetic things we can easily substitute to save our planet. If you don't know what to gift to your friends, who love makeup but also want to reduce waste, gift them a reusable makeup removal pad. With the help of warm water or makeup removal, reusable wipes wash off even long-lasting mascara and foundation.

  • #15. Professional Hair Care Kit

And last but not least, I'd like to add a set of professional hair care products. We usually opt for inexpensive hair care products and tools when it comes to a regular routine. Still, it's nice to pamper ourselves with quality beauty products every now and then. A set of professional hair care products will make your loved ones happy on Christmas Eve.

Let's Summarize...

Some say that the best thing you can gift anyone is simply being there for your loved ones. Things come and go, but love and support is the only thing that matters in life. Whether you plan to gift something to your friends and relatives this Christmas, send them greeting cards, or simply congratulate them via social media, you should do that with sincerity. Merry Christmas, lovelies, may the next year bring only love and happiness to you and your families.

Lots of love,

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