close-up of two woman hands with gradient, nude nail look on the nails

Finding the right everyday nail look may be as hard as finding your perfect pair of jeans. The difficulty lies not only in the color of your nail polish or the shape of the nails. The perfect nail look unites various characteristics under one concept: the length, the frequency of manicure renewal, the price, and even the versatility of the nail look. Undoubtedly, the perfect nail look formula should be unique to its wearer. Every person has to derive the ideal ratio of characteristics depending on their preference.

Knowing how troubling it is to find the ideal everyday look, I've started working on my prototype. Something low-key that won't demand a lot of effort, time, or skills. The perfect everyday nail look, in my opinion, must also be durable. Surprisingly, the versatility of the color is the easiest task to solve – all shades of nude, dark and light, cool and warm, completely cover the need for universality. Nude nail polish fits any outfit and occasion, creating both posh and discreet appeal.

close-up of two woman hands with gradient, nude nail look on the nails

With a little practice and a road of trials and mistakes, my perfect everyday nail look turned out to be a short to medium-length nail with a soft, ombré transition from bare to nude color, topped with a glossy coat of clear nail polish. I know it sounds a bit overwhelming, but I'll try to explain the step-by-step process of creating this nail look.

Start by preparing your nails:

To do an everyday nail look, we need to prepare the nails for polish. Usually, I start by removing the old nail polish with the help of the nail polish remover. This step will also remove any 'oiliness' off the surface of your nail, preparing it for the polish. Use a pair of sharp cuticle nippers to remove the dry cuticle. If you feel like you could use some guidance, check out my perfect at-home manicure tutorial. It perfectly explains the process of self-manicure, which will help you through the process.

Find your perfect shade of nude:

The seamless nude nail polish sounds like the best color for the everyday nail look. However, it is important to understand what your perfect shade of nude is. Market and consumer insight specialist Shannon Romanowski says that there is no such thing as one shade of nude. We all have a unique complexion. Your perfect shade of nude will be the color that merges with the color of your skin.

Another important thing to consider is your preference. Some prefer their nails to be as pale as possible, contrasting with tan skin. Others like the darker shades of the nude. It also depends on the current mood and the style of the outfit you plan to wear during the week.

Create a smooth, ombré-like transition:

Everyone knows the concept of a traditional French manicure: it is when white nail polish is applied to the tip of the nails, paired with opaque or sheer beige or pink nail polish. Inspired by the French tip nails, I've decided to move forward and make this classic nail look even more versatile. For this, I kept the base of the nail (close to the cuticle and lunula) bare. This little trick will save you some time between the manicure sessions, allowing the nail to grow out seamlessly.

The tip of the nail, similar to the French ombré look, I covered with opaque, nude nail polish. I used the famous sponge technique to create a smooth transition between the nude nail polish and the bare part of the nail. This step will demand a bit of practice, especially if you have never tried the sponge technique. 

close-up of two woman hands with gradient, nude nail look on the nails

Seal the deal with a clear topcoat:

Before the very last step, I suggest you cover the nails with a layer of glossy top coat. Of course, a matte top would work just as fine, but I'm my experience, it doesn't smooth the color as effectively. While the glossy top 'blends' the gradient with the bare part of the nail. The top coat will make your everyday nails look last longer without chipping or fading. In my case, this nail look with regular nail polish and a regular top coat lasts up to a week, in some cases, even longer.

Moisturize the cuticle and nails:

And, finally, it is time to bring the moisture back to your nails and cuticles. Wait until your everyday nail look is completely dry, and use your favorite hand moisturizer. I also suggest you use natural oils: coconut, jojoba, or olive oil. This final step will bring moisture back to your skin and keep your nails healthy. 

Final Thoughts...

Whether you prefer your nails long and dramatic, or short and practical, I guess everyone will find such versatile and low-key nails to look convenient. It goes well with business, semi-casual, and even athleisure attire doesn't attract too much attention, keeping your whole look casual and neat. I'm ready to be wearing this look any time of day or week, and it never fails to meet every single expectation. And what are your thoughts?

Lots of love,