a flatlay with lola Cosmetics hair care products

Switching to a more eco-friendlier lifestyle has been my long-term resolution. It is not easy to give up your old drugstore habits, but the results are always worth the change. Among the other things, which I substituted to live a tiny bit more planet-friendlier lifestyle, I moved on to the Lola Cosmetics skin and hair care brand. Hence, meet and greet shampoo, hair mask, and conditioner are one of the most popular products by this brand, loved and cherished by thousands of customers. By the way, Lola Cosmetics claims to solve all our hair dramas, and who doesn't want that? Let's check if they aren't fooling us.

What is Lola Cosmetics?

Lola Cosmetics is a very affordable Brazilian skin and hair care brand designed for those of us, who care about beauty and the environment. All products by Lola Cosmetics are vegan and cruelty-free. This means that the brand does not test beauty products on animals and doesn't use any animal ingredients in the production.

Another key feature of this brand is the cute-looking packaging design. All the bottles, tubes, and pots are made of sturdy, recycled plastic or cardboard and feature vintage-inspired illustrations. The packaging can be recycled, or used for storing your goodies. Every Lola Cosmetics product is packed individually by hand.

dyptych with closed and opened solid shampoo bottle by Lola Cosmetics

Solid Shampoo Morte Súbita by Lola Cosmetics

Let's start with a solid shampoo with the cheeky name 'Morte Súbita', which can be translated as 'instant death'. This is more than just a vegan shampoo, but a two-in-one product: deep cleansing shampoo and exfoliator. The brand calls it solid shampoo, but the consistency of the product reminds me of a thick paste. It includes granulated sugar, which removes old skin cells and oily residue. In addition, granules of sugar stimulate blood circulation, improving the condition of the hair.

Morte Súbita shampoo was developed for dry and chemically-treated hair and claims to cause an 'instant death' to any harmful residue that might've stayed between the hair follicles. While granules of sugar cleanse the scalp, ingredients like vegetable glycerin and babassu oil hydrate the strands. The natural extracts of aloe and chamomile calm down the damaged skin.

How to Use Morte Súbita Shampoo?

To receive the best cleansing results take a small amount of Morte Súbita shampoo. Massage the products between the palms of your hands with some water. The shampoo will turn into a fragrant and thick foam ideal for the deep cleansing of the hair. Apply it onto the wet scalp, softly and gently massaging it with the fingers. I also like to leave the shampoo for 5-10 minutes before washing it away with warm water

Once washed off the hair, it leaves the scalp squeaky clean but not dry. The hair is soft, supple, and shiny, but is definitely in of nourishment. Another thing I would love to mention about the shampoo is its sweet, confectionery fragrance. My nose is a fan of such scents, but it may not be for everyone.

dyptych with closed and opened pot of hydrating hair mask  by Lola Cosmetics

Dream Cream Super Hydrating Hair Mask by Lola Cosmetics

What do we use after the shampoo to replenish the moisture balance? Right, we are using the hair mask! Shampoo (especially deep cleanse shampoo) opens up the hair follicles to remove the first chemicals. The nourishing hair mask is exactly what you want to apply to your hair strands to bring the moisture and nutrients back. So, the Dream Cream Hydrating Mask by Lola Cosmetics is the next in the queue.

The hair mask is available in three sizes – 200, 450, and even 3000 grams. It is not part of the Morte Súbita hair care line, but I still wanted to try it. Lola's Dream Cream is claimed to be a super powerful mask for the driest and most rebellious hair. It is also developed for chemically treated hair, exposed to harsh hair dyes and treatments.

The ingredients include Argan Oil, Avocado Butter, and a mix of reconstructive amino acids. They will instantly moisturize even the most damaged hair. The texture of the mask is smooth and thick, slightly buttery. However, my favorite thing about Dream Cream is the scent. It is citric, slightly fruity, and very sweet. Certainly, such a strong and sweet smell is not for everyone's liking, but I simply love it!

How to Use Dream Cream Mask by Lola Cosmetics?

Use the Dream Cream mask generously, applying it to slightly damp hair. Don't apply it to the scalp and the roots of your hair to avoid oversaturation. Once applied to your hair, gently spread the product through the length. Give the mask 10-15 minutes for absorption. You can use a heat source to intensify the moisturizing effect. Rinse the hair and you're done!

The connection between my hair and the Dream Cream occurred on a transcendent level. It was true love at first touch, sniff, and application. This mask makes my hair as smooth and shiny as it has never been before. I guess it is a true dream cream every hair strand deserves to absorb once in a while.

a close-up of solid shampoo bar  by Lola Cosmetics

Conditioner in Nourishing Bar by Lola Cosmetics

Finally, the conditioner completes the hair-washing cycle. The nourishing conditioner by Lola Cosmetics comes in a shape of a round bar, packed in parchment paper and a cardboard box. This bar looks like a soap bar and even has a similar slimy surface. The brand says that one bar of this conditioner equals 3 bottles of a traditional conditioner. I haven't had the opportunity to finish it yet but I'm excited to find out if it is true.

Now, let's move on to the formula and ingredients. One of the main ingredients of this conditioner is vegan Hemi-squalane, which is a natural alternative to silicone. Hemi-squalane is derived from sugarcane and helps with frizziness without weighing down the hair. The second peculiar element here is the Sweet Almond Oil. I loved using it as a makeup primer but have never applied it to my hair. This oil works best on dry and damaged hair, preventing further hair breakage.

How to Use a Nourishing Bar by Lola Cosmetics?

After you finished washing and moisturizing your hair, rub the wet bar of conditioner on your hands. Use it little by little, adding more conditioner if necessary. Softly massage the entire length of your hair, just like you would do with a regular conditioner. Let the product sit on your hair for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Final Verdict

I will be honest with you, I'm very new to the process of waste minimization and eco-friendliness. It is a long voyage of tries and errors, but I'm happy to make every little step on the path. Moving forward to more ecological beauty products is another everyone can execute. For me, it was the Lola Cosmetics brand. Their vegan, cruelty-free products, packed with love and care, eventually dragged me into this world, and I don't plan to go back to the world of drugstore hair care. The world of endless plastic bottles and shady ingredients. Thank you Lola Cosmetics for making my hair care routine more affordable and safe.

Lots of love,