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Deep facial cleansing never gets old. It is the first and most important step in a daily skincare routine, that relieves our skin from the burden of old skin cells, grease, and other nasty impurities. As a person who struggles with blackheads and enlarged pores, I can't imagine my life without a deep cleaning procedure. However, my skin doesn't respond well to the traditional method of exfoliation. So, today we are going to talk about ANLAN Facial Skin Scrubber* – otherwise called an alternative, gentlest way to clean the face. How does this device work and why it is better than a regular exfoliator?

How Does It Work?

The ANLAN Ultrasonic Scrubber is a portable device designed to deep-clean, scrub, massage, and even lift your facial skin with the help of an ultrasonic wave. And what is an ultrasonic wave? It is a high-frequency vibration, that is inaudible to the human ear. However, you can feel the wave's soft vibration on your skin. 

anlan face scrubber on the white rug

The ANLAN Ultrasonic Scrubber converts the electric energy (from the battery) into mechanical energy, producing a high-frequency wave 24000Hz per second. The water that you apply to your skin while using the device is atomized(broken into tiny droplets) by ultrasonic vibration. And dirt, together with the old cells, is separated from the surface of your skin into smaller particles. The loosened debris is gently swiped away with water. Such a way of cleansing is the least harmful to the skin and, unlike direct scrubbing with a sponge or brush, doesn't damage or irritate it.

The device itself comes nicely packed in a cardboard box together with the extra accessories and a very helpful user manual. The user manual will thoroughly explain how to use, clean, and store your ultrasonic device, so I recommend you read it beforehand. My scrubber is pastel pink, but it is also available in apple green and pure white colors. Together with the ultrasonic scrubber, you'll also get the cutest little bag to store it and a USB cable to recharge the device when the time comes.

close-up picture of anlan ultrasonic spatula with water drops

How to Use an Ultrasonic Scrubber?

Before starting wash your skin as you'd normally do with your favorite face wash. Damp your face with water, so the spatula can glide on the surface of the skin. Begin to cleanse your face by applying light pressure on the stainless steel spatula. There are four ultrasonic modes available for different skincare needs:

  • Ultrasonic: Daily clean mode designed for gentle and face cleaning of small impurities.

  • EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) is the derivation of muscle contraction with electric impulses. Massages and lift the skin, also promote collagen production in skin.

  • Ion +: Deep clean mode for in-depth and thorough facial cleansing once a week.

  • Ion -: Special mode designed to help the absorption of products deep into the skin.

two pictures showing how to use anlan ultrasonic face scrubber

My Experience & Thoughts

My three biggest skin concerns are blackheads, enlarged pores, and telangiectasias, infamously known as spider veins. And these three problems are very dissonant. Blackheads and pores demand constant scrubbing and deep cleansing, while broken blood vessels can't stand any harsh manipulations with the skin. Therefore, I have completely excluded exfoliation in the most afflicted areas. And the only thing, that could finally break the vicious cycle of neglect was this magic wand called facial skin scrubber by ANLAN. 

In the article "Ultrasonic Face De-Gunking Spatulas Are A Thing (And Esthetician-Approved)" by Kristina Rodulfo, a celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau confirms that ultrasonic cleaning devices are ideal for those of us with sensitive skin types, which can't be exfoliated traditionally. Thus, it is simply a must-have device that will not only exfoliate a deep clean of the skin but also prevent the appearance of new broken vessels.

ultrasonic spatula is charging

Right after the very first usage, my skin felt baby-soft, as it has never felt before. The whole cleansing experience with the scrubber was just as pleasant as the final result. All you can feel during the procedure is vibration and hear the sound, similar to a hair trimmer. After a few minutes of deep cleansing, my skin wasn't looking red and dry, like after the use of a regular exfoliator or sponge.

Final Thoughts

Of course, to comment on the wrinkle reduction and face-lifting effect of the ultrasonic spatula I have to use it for a sufficient amount of time. For now, I can only say that all four ultrasonic modes have an almost identical feel to the skin. Though, the EMS mode feels more like a very minor electrical shock, which lightly stimulates the facial muscles ( nothing unpleasant!). Of course, in the future, I'll update you on my skincare routine and let you know the results. And for now, I'm looking forward to seeing the first improvement of my crow's feet and forehead lines. 

And what do you think, lovelies? Have you ever heard of such a wonderful device, that can deep clean, scrub, massage, and even lift your face? Would you like to try it out? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments, I'm looking forward to finding out your opinion.

Lots of love,

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