a pair of Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh lenses laying on top of a table

Circle lenses are my favorite way to temporarily change appearance. You put on a pair of eye-enlarging or color contacts and voilà – a new image of your old self is ready! Circle lenses are particularly handy when you find yourself in need of a last-minute Halloween costume. But, instead of a full-body costume, prefer a subtle change of your appearance with cosplay makeup.

The only thing you'll need to think about in this case is the actual makeup look and the style of Halloween circle lenses you are going for. Hopefully, today's review will help you to make a choice, as today I'm going to be talking about the Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh* lenses. Curious to delve into the details of this intriguing pair? Stick around as we explore their allure!

a pair of Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh lenses laying on top of a table

  • Basic Info About White Mesh Lenses:

Brand:  Princess Pinky

Origin:  South Korea 

Diameter: 14.5mm 

Base Curve: 8.6mm | 8.8mm
Water Content: 38% | 40% 

Life Span: Yearly Prescription 

What you'll get in a package: a pair of circle lenses (2 pcs) + FREE Macaron Lens Case

collage with two images demonstrating a brown eye before white mesh circle lenses and after with a lens inserted in the eye

  • Pattern and Enlargement

Let's begin with the most exciting thing about the lenses, leaving the boring facts for the end. Princess Pinky White Mesh lenses have a white mesh design with a slightly enlarging effect. The diameter of the lenses equals 14.5mm, which allows them to cover the natural color of your iris and blend with the sclera (eye white). The white mesh pattern is overlayed on top of a clear base, giving your eyes an almost total white look from the far. The pattern's design has no limbal ring, which allows for a more natural color blending with the sclera. 

When doing my research about these lenses, I saw some questions from customers about the pigmentation of the white mesh. Some people are worried about the lack of pigmentation, which can result in a faded gray look. I can assure you, the pigmentation is on point. As someone with naturally dark brown eyes, accentuated by a prominent black limbal ring encircling the iris, I can guarantee that the Pinky Paradise cosplay lenses flawlessly concealed them without any issues.

a selfie of a woman with dramatic cyberpunk makeup look wearing a pair of white mesh cosplay circle lenses

  • Comfort

Now, let's discuss the comfort aspect of these lenses. White Mesh Cosplay lenses are made with a soft hydrophilic polymer called Polymacon. They are truly soft and bendy and at the same time, they hold the rounded shape perfectly. You won't experience any discomfort putting them on and removing these cosplay lenses after the Halloween party is over. It's worth noting that you may be aware of the presence of these lenses on your eyes, but any discomfort experienced is quite mild. My eyes felt a bit dry afterward, but nothing an eye drops can't fix!

Can you see through a mesh contact lens?

Another popular question about these contact lenses. The answer is yes! You can see pretty well through these lenses, despite their dramatic effect. There is a subtle white shroud, which makes you see a little worse. Your vision also slightly worsens when it is too dark or too bright in the room. if you plan to use these mesh lenses for your cosplay or Halloween looks, I recommend you finish your makeup and put on your outfit before inserting lenses into your eyes.

a selfie of a woman with dramatic cyberpunk makeup look wearing a pair of white mesh cosplay circle lenses

Final Thoughts...

Let's try to summarize today's review. The Princess Pinky White Mesh Circle Lenses are perfect for any type of dramatic transformation! You can use them for your cosplay looks, FX makeup, editorials, or for Halloween. They look like a pair of eyes from Cyberpunk 2077 (these white mesh lenses are pretty much the same!), that's why I went for this cybergoth or cyberpunk-inspired makeup look with smudged lips and dramatic eyeliner. 

Pinky Paradise provides prescription options even for these dramatic lenses, ensuring you can always obtain a custom-fit pair for your eyes. Now, the question is: would you dare to flaunt this look daily? Personally, I might not, but I've already made up my mind about the perfect Halloween look I'll be sporting.

Lots of love,