woman wearing a sugar skull inspired halloween makeup look

Who doesn't love Halloween? I have never met a person who would be absolutely indifferent to this mid-fall celebration. Absolutely everyone loves rewatching spooky TV shows and movies, eating candies, and crafting handmade decorations. And what about late-night gatherings with friends and relatives? This year I went for an iconic sugar skull-inspired Halloween look and even prepared a step-by-step tutorial with a detailed description.

woman wearing a sugar skull inspired halloween makeup look

List of Makeup Products for Sugar Skull Halloween Look:

• makeup primer;

• black eyeliner;

• grease paint palette;

• translucent powder;

• black matte eyeshadow;

• lip liner;

• dark red lipstick;

• makeup setting spray;

I believe the sugar skull look is one of the most popular Halloween costumes. Inspired by the Mexican deity Santa Muerte, and the edible skull-like offering (calavera), this gorgeous makeup takes various shapes and colors. It is the ideal Halloween look for those of you who love drawing and expressing creativity through makeup. 

woman wearing a sugar skull inspired halloween makeup look

However, the sugar skull makeup look is on the more difficult side of the spectrum. Unlike my previous Vampire Halloween Makeup, it involves more makeup products, and demands more time and precision. Maybe you'll even need to practice a little to get a well-defined, neat look. But the final results are so worth the effort.

How to Do Sugar Skull Makeup for Halloween?

  • To create this look, we are going to apply white grease paint all over the face. Therefore, it is important to prepare our face skin before starting. Wash your face with your favorite mild cleanser, and exfoliate it with a sponge. After, tap the skin with a paper towel, and apply a light moisturizer. Finish the preparation with a makeup primer;

dyptich with two pictures of a skull sugar makeup tutorial

  • Next, you'll need to sketch the round shape around your eye socket, a heart shape on the nose, and the shape of the cheekbones. Later, we are going to fill in pre-sketched shapes with the black grease paint. I used a well-sharpened black eye pencil to sketch the skull shape on my face, but you can also use a dark eyeshadow or black liquid eyeliner;

  • After you are done with the sketch and satisfied with the shape of your sugar skull look, proceed to apply white grease paint on your face. I used a small and flat foundation brush and carefully applied the paint around the eyes. A final touch to the white paint — set it with a dewy makeup sponge. This will make the paint 'absorb' into the skin and last longer;

dyptich with two pictures of a skull sugar makeup tutorial

  • Done with the white grease paint? Fill in the shapes with black paint. I used a small brush for the contours, and a bigger brush for eye sockets and cheekbones. Don't worry about the mess or small mistakes you make. Remove them with a wooden cotton swab, and re-apply white paint.

  • Now to the hardest part of the makeup. It is time to keep a small synthetic brush into the paint of your choice (mine is forest green) and draw petals around the black eye sockets. Take your time, and try slowly working on the petals. You can also contour each petal with black color, but I opted not to.

dyptich with two pictures of a skull sugar makeup tutorial

  • The lip look for the sugar skull Halloween makeup is dark, brownish-red. Before applying lipstick, I made diffused soul-eater lips, smudging the lip liner with my finger. Apply lipstick and also smudge it with your finger. Draw black stitch-like lines on your lips.

  • Finish the look by fixing small mistakes, and lining fine details on the sugar skull. Set the white paint with loose powder, and the black paint with black matte eyeshadow. This step is very important, especially if you live in a hot climate. Fix the sugar skull makeup look with a setting spray and you are done!

woman wearing a sugar skull inspired halloween makeup look


To finish up the sugar skull look, I made a flower crown from the old plastic flowers, which I found in my drawer. These old plastic flowers were the whole reason why I decided to do this look. The crown turned out great, and it accomplished the whole Halloween look perfectly. And what do you think, lovelies? Did you like my interpretation of the sugar skull makeup? Please, let me know your thoughts! 

Lots of love,