a close-up of a messy and blurred lip look on a pale skin

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about various makeup and beauty trends that emerge in our Intagran fee daily. What are they? Why do some things become trendy, while other cool ideas don't seem to impress us? To better understand the fluctuating makeup, beauty, and fashion trends, I've decided to begin a brand new rubric on my blog, where I will dive deeply into the origins of popular trends, trying to understand the beauty behind them.

Today, we're unraveling the secrets behind the captivating "soul-eater" lip trend that has been taking the beauty community by storm, leaving everyone intrigued and eager to master the art of creating soulful lips that are as alluring as they are haunting. I will guide you through the process of achieving this enchanting lip look that balances darkness and beauty with perfection.

The Origins of the "Soul-eater" Lip Trend

Soul eater lip design is believed to be invented by Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick. Kelseyanna is a talented makeup artist who works with Kat Von D Beauty Artistry and creates the most appealing and haunting pieces of art on her eyes and lips. One of the first pictures, featuring beautiful soul eater lips was spotted on her Instagram in September of 2016, but I believe I saw the smudged lips on runway shows and MUA editorials even before this date.

The whole concept of soul eater lips is to get an intentionally messy and blurred lip look. Just imagine, how would the lipstick on your lips look after a few minutes of passionate kisses? Well, the soul eater lip look is something similar to the “kissed lip’’, but less messy and more artistic.

a close-up of a messy and blurred lip look on a pale skin

Everyone tired of those perfectly defined lips will love to wear soul eater lips. We can finally abandon sharpened lip liners, concealers, and tiny synthetic brushes, who knows how to wield them anyways? We won't need either precision or accuracy for the dirty soul eater lip look and that's where the whole beauty of this makeup trend lies.

How to Create a Diffused Lip Look?

Wondering how to create a “blurred and stained’’ lip look and still have a tidy makeup look? Well, it is pretty easy and to be absolutely honest, it is so much fun! All you need for the looks is your favorite lipstick color, soft, blending brush, and a little bit of imagination. First of all, prepare your lips for makeup: gentle lip scrub and some moisturizing lip balm will make your lips smooth and ready. 

Use the desirable lipstick color: dark and bright statement colors look incredibly beautiful. Apply the lipstick all over your lips, smudging the shape with the help of a blending brush or finger. Reapply the lipstick to intensify the color in the inner part of your lips. Finish the soul eater look with the glossiest lip gloss in your collection.

a close-up of a messy and blurred lip look on a pale skin

How to make the soul eater wearable and daytime appropriate? This task is a little bit harder, but there is nothing impossible. Substitute dark lipstick color with something less bold and neutral. Brown nude and pink colors will work great for an everyday matte look. By the way, the soul eater lip design is beginner-friendly, so you won't need a master's degree in SFX makeup to nail this look.

Final Thoughts...

Overall, souls eater's lip look is one of my favorite makeup trends. It is a perfect rebel substitution for a boring well-defined lip look. Of course, it isn't for everyone, I doubt I will ever have enough courage to wear this lip design outside of my comfort zone, but who knows what tomorrow brings? The only thing I know for sure is, smudged lips look great on girls with thinner lips, making them appear plumper. But what do you think? Let me know your opinion about this trend, I'm excited to read your comments, and until next time!

Lots of love,