a close-up of an opened Maybellone's lip balm in shade 'flirty pink'

Hi, lovelies, for today’s post I want to dedicate myself to all dry lips sufferers. I share your struggles and know how hard is to maintain smooth 'baby-like' lips. Most regular lip balms do not offer long-term and deep hydration, but from no one, you can forget about dry and chapped lips. Do you know why I found an awesome solution to this problem – Baby Lips Balm & Blush by Maybelline. It is not only a super-moisturizing product, but it is cute as well!

a close-up of an opened Maybellone's lip balm in shade 'flirty pink'

  • Texture and Color

Maybelline Baby Lips balm has a very smooth non-sticky texture, it feels very lightweight on the lips and a rich moisturizing formula cares about the skin. But what I like the most about this lip balm is that you can use it as a cream blush on your cheeks. It gives a very sheer and natural hue to the skin and a dewy finish usually applied over the foundation and concealer – a perfect variant for an everyday makeup look. The Baby Lips balm glides on easily and works best for those who have a dry and combined skin type. 

a close-up of pink woman's lips with a soft and glossy lip balm on them.

Overall, I'm totally obsessed with this lip balm by Maybelline. It has a nice and soft scent, giving the lips a fresh hint of color and a dewy finish. It is available in four gorgeous colors, each with its own, original sweet scent – 'Innocent Peach', 'Flirty Pink', 'Booming Ruby', 'And Shimmering Bronze'.

Final Verdict

The Baby Lips Balm & Blush by Maybelline retails at $4.99 for 4,5 g. (0.16 oz.) of the product and I think it is a great deal. If your lips are dry and thirsty I definitely recommend you try out this cute lips balm, you will feel instant relief and your lips will be silky smooth for hours. Need a special intensive treatment for your dry lips? Check out my review on the amazing Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, because your lips deserve to be pampered as well!

Lots of love,