close-up of korean bb cream by etude house on a faux fur background

I'm a huge fan of BB and CC creams, and who isn't? Their formula allows the skin to breathe, especially in summer. A heavy coat of a full-coverage foundation closes the pores of the skin, preventing natural thermo-regulation and oil production. This may cause your skin to produce an excessive amount of sebum and lead to acne and blemishes, which are always hard to treat.

Unlike regular full-coverage foundations, BB and CC creams have a special caring formula - a soft blend between skincare ingredients and a light pigment. Today I’m going to talk about the Precious Mineral BB Cream Cover & Bright Fit* by a world-famous Korean beauty brand Etude House.

close-up of korean bb cream by etude house on a faux fur background

Texture & Coverage

Precious Mineral BB Cream has a smooth creamy texture and provides medium coverage, a little of a product goes a long way. The formula of the BB cream is buildable, so if you need extra coverage you can always boost up the coverage on problematic areas of the skin. Etude House BB cream perfectly covers up large skin pores, small acne scars, and redness without clogging the pores. 

Unfortunately, I need to admit that after the application of this BB cream and setting it with a translucent powder my skin started to look a little bit cakey. I have a dry to combined skin type, so this product accentuated dry skin patches on my face. I'm sure that people with oily skin type will appreciate this product, it is very lightweight and the main ingredient of this BB Cream is water.

a close-up of the etude house bb cream on a light skin

UVA Protection

As the summer approaches, we need to take special care of our gentle facial skin and provide it with UVA protection. PA++ is a special Korean and Japanese UVA rating system, it shows how much protection from harmful sun rays you will get using this makeup or beauty product. The more pluses you’ll see on the label, the higher the level of UVA protection. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream is labeled SPF 30 PA++ - it is a medium level of protection, but it is much more than I usually see on BB and CC creams.

a close-up of the before/after results of the skin with and without precious mineral bb cream by etude house

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, I liked this product, though I would suggest you exfoliate the skin before applying this product. I think that Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream is perfect for summertime and I highly recommend this product to everyone who is searching for BB cream with a good level of UVA protection and great coverage.

I also think that it will work better for those who have a combined and oily skin type because this BB cream has a special anti-sebum formula that helps to control skin oil. I got this beautiful gem in the YesStyle Korean Beauty Box,  don’t forget to check out my unboxing post and find out what makeup treats are waiting for you in this beauty box.

Lots of love,