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No one can deny the huge impact of the Gothic subculture on modern fashion and style trends. It has been with us for decades, and, I'm sure, not going away from style any time soon. Of course, since the early '80s, the Gothic style has outlived significant changes, giving birth to numerous genres and subgenres in music, literature, and even fashion. Today we are going to find out about one of such Gothic subgenres, in particular, about nu goth fashion style.

What is Nu Goth Style?

If someone asked me to describe nu goth fashion in a simple, understandable way, I would say that it is a soft mixture of two fashion styles — a very classic understatement of Gothic motives, like all-black clothing, an abundant amount of baroque-inspired jewelry, and accessories, elegant Victorian silhouettes, all of this combined with up-to-date fashion trends you may encounter in popular magazines and even social networking services. You may also observe a slight sway of soft grunge, punk, and hipster subcultures in the nu-goth genre.

a fashion collage with a three nu goth style outfit ideas

According to Aesthetic Fandom, nu-goth followers value self-discovery above anything else, therefore their style is highly influenced by personal fashion taste. Usually, nu-goth fashion is sleek, simple, and at times minimalistic. Unlike the cheerful pastel goth style, nu-goth fashion is gloomy and accepts only black, shades of gray, and only a slight touch of white. At the same time, nu-goth outfits are wearable and comfortable, hence it is more approachable than posh Gothic corsets with floor-length skirts.

Come over to the dark side—it’s infinitely more stylish here. Vogue

The Main Nu-Goth Style Characteristics

Nu-goth as a separate genre in lifestyle and fashion appeared in the early 2010s, receiving wide distribution throughout popular a time Tumblr and Pinterest boards. It is tightly connected with the occult aesthetic, which inspires nu-goths to use pentagrams, crosses, and other witchcraft tools and accessories. Sounds pretty clear. Let's define some of the main nu-goth style characteristics.

a fashion collage with a three nu goth style outfit ideas

  • High-waist skirts, pants, and jeans combined with cropped tops and blouses;

  • Stretchy, sleek leggings, like the ones you can find at the Punkrave, are mandatory;

  • Fishnet stockings and bodies are worn underneath distressed clothing;

  • A fashion look on BDSM culture — harnesses and suspenders can also look stylish;

  • Tees and hoodies printed with crosses, pentagrams, stars, and other dark motives;

  • Shoes as chunky as possible: combat boots, wedges, creepers, and tons of laces and studs;

  • Oversized clothing is also welcomed. Trench coats, knit sweaters, and cozy hoodies look fantastic in nu goth rendition;

  • Round sunglasses, fedoras, chockers, and chains are reoccurring elements in nu goth fashion style;

  • Makeup is usually simple-looking and monochrome, black lipstick and matte finishes fit this style the most.

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How to Dress Up like Nu-Goth?

Dressing up in the Nu-Goth style is all about embracing the dark, alternative, and edgy aesthetic while infusing it with a modern twist. The vibe, in general, has to be stylish and simplistic, with a dark undertone to the look. Opt for a predominantly black wardrobe, incorporating elements like oversized band tees, fishnet stockings, leather jackets, and distressed denim.

Layering is key to a beautiful nu-goth look, especially in the colder season. Don't be afraid to mix textures and fabrics to add depth and dimension to your outfit. Incorporate occult symbols, graphic prints, and statement accessories like chokers and chunky boots to make a bold fashion statement.

  • Makeup & Hair

Now, let's delve into makeup and hair. Nu-Goth makeup typically features a pale complexion as the base, achieved through a light foundation or powder. Dark, dramatic eye makeup is a cornerstone of this style, with heavy eyeliner and smoky eyeshadows in shades of black, gray, or deep purples. 

Don't forget to add a pop of bold, matte lipstick in dark hues like burgundy, deep red, or black. For your hair, you can opt for sleek, straight styles or embrace voluminous waves. Hair colors can range from jet black to striking shades of dark violet or deep blue, allowing for personalization and creativity within the Nu-Goth style. Accessorize your hair with velvet headbands or ornate hairpins to complete the look with a touch of elegance.

Is it More than Just a Phase?

Some may call nu goth a millennial phase of the classic Gothic style, yet I find this approach a bit disparaging to the interest of younger people. There is nothing wrong with bringing in a brand new touch to the old things, especially when it comes to fashion. Personally, I adore the simplicity of lines and tasteful usage of modern influences in my favorite Gothic fashion. And what about you?

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