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What Is Nu Goth Fashion Style?

gothic girl on the street

No one can deny a huge and important Gothic impact on modern pop culture and fashion trends. Nu goth fashion style is a soft mixture between two fashion styles - classic Gothic motives (black color, baroque jewelry, elegance and sensuality) with up - to date fashion trends (high waist skirts and pants, fedora hats and chunky boots.) Nu goth fashion is a little bit less bright and cheerful than pastel goth style, nu goths choose a darker colors for their outfits and include more vintage pieces. But at the same time nu goth fashion is more simple, comfortable and affordable than classic goth corsets, silver jewelry and Victorian skirts.

liz breygel fashion dresses gothic goth pastel hipster nu goth blogger

Some say that nu goth style almost accurately resembles a good old 80's goth style even more closely than any other modern Gothic styles. Others say that nu goths have decided to mix up the classic Gothic canons with infamous hipster fashion. An everyday nu goth outfit should be practical, comfortable yet feminine and romantic, so today I've decided to put together my favorite nu goth fashion outfits that are suitable for an everyday life with a help of Fashionmia - an online fashion store with best prices and discounts.

Come over to the dark side—it’s infinitely more stylish here. Vogue

liz breygel fashion dresses gothic goth pastel hipster nu goth blogger

And for dessert I gathered few of my favorite maxi dresses in the same nu goth style inspired by one of the most famous Gothic fashion `icons` - Morticia Addams. Floor length maxi dresses are best for every girl, who like to stay charming and mysterious throughout the whole evening. Plus the maxi dress trend  never dies!

liz breygel fashion dresses gothic goth pastel hipster nu goth blogger

Whether you love it or hate it I hope you enjoyed reading my post. That`s all for now, all of the women's dresses I mentioned in my today`s blog post and many other fashion items and accessorizes you can find online at Fashionmia store. If you are in need of a nice party, prom or wedding dress then look no further. No matter what dress you are looking for and no matter what your budget would be, you are going to look beautiful, classy and trendy!


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