a close-up of a vintage-looking diary laying close to a small book

A new school year is knocking on the door, and once again shelves in stationery stores are filled with all kinds of stationery and writing implements. I am abnormally attracted to all kinds of stationery. Stationery departments and office supply stores are my secret places of power. Slowly walking among the densely packed retail display stands is one of the best ways to heal stress and relieve tension in the mind and body. 

a close-up of an opened vintage-looking diary

When it comes to a new diary or journal, I always struggle to choose between two main concepts, that attract me the most: cuteness and sweetness or vintage beauty and Gothic aesthetic. As you can see, this time I have decided to listen to the dark side of my personality and pick this mystically beautiful Vintage Diary "Magic Spells"*, that excites my inner vampire. Is it a regular book or a diary, that holds your most intimate secrets and wishes? Let's take a look between its restrained pages.

Write down your wish... This magic book is going to help you.

a close-up of a key pendant laying on an opened book

The "Magic Spells" is a classic hardcover diary, styled to look like an old sturdy book. The diary has 320 sheets, made of good quality thick paper, designed to keep the ink from bleeding. The sheets are lined and each second page has a cursive inscription on it, that says: "Magic Spells".

This vintage diary also features a thin lace bookmark, that helps to memorize the required page. The size of a diary is 11.5cm x 15.2cm x 2.5cm and you can compare it to a standard A6. The inside part of the cover features a sepia version of a world map.

a close-up of a vintage-looking diary

One of the things I love about this vintage journal, aside from its appealing vintage cover and thick sheets, is its inspirational feel. I just want to sit down and spend the whole day, writing a Gothic novel about a lonely grotesque creature, created by an aspiring scientist or a book about the young wizard. Shortly, I plan to create a little storage envelope, made of recycled or scrap paper and glue it inside of the diary. These little pockets are very useful and help you hold together small paper necessities, without fear of losing something important. 

a close-up of round glasses laying on an opened book

Owning a brand new notebook or a diary is even more satisfying, than opening a new eyeshadow palette. Is there anything better than the scent of freshly printed paper? Whether you are hunting for a perfect diary or an everyday school planner, I think the "Magic Spells" is one of the best options. If you are a traditionalist when it comes to daily plans, I think you will appreciate the classy simplicity of this diary. "Magic Spells" is available in four charming colors: brown, gray, green, and yellow. Pick the one that looks the best on your shelf.  

Lots of love,