a close-up of foam moisturizer by germa drugstore brand balea on a black background.

Seasonal weather changes always affect my skin condition - it gets dry, irritated, and flaky. Chilly autumn wind tends to dehydrate our skin, making it uncomfortable and more susceptible to bacteria. That's why it is so important to hydrate the skin during the cold months of the year. Lately, I can't stand using heavy moisturizers and prefer a light mousse texture on my skin. Thus I want to talk about my favorite hand moisturizer at the moment — a featherweight and yummy Cake Pop hand foam by affordable German brand Balea.

a close-up of foam moisturizer by germa drugstore brand balea on a black background.

My very first foam lotion was a cutie named Cherry Kisses by Bilou and when it finished I was excited to start using Cake Pop hand foam. It comes in metal packaging, that is very similar to hair styling foam. I recommend you shake the bottle before using it, for an extra airy texture. 

The Cake Pop hand foam is water-based, therefore it has the lightest breezy texture. The foam absorbs almost immediately, leaving the surface of the skin soft, smooth, and moisturized. The formula includes aloe vera, which is known as a 'plant of immortality and is effective in treating skin dryness.

I'm a huge fan of scented skincare products and Cake Pop hand foam hasn't disappointed my nose. Even though the packaging says it smells of almonds, to me it has a sweet scent of vanilla chantilly. This is the yummiest skincare product I ever tried! Apart from its delicious scent, the second biggest advantage is the packaging, which I mentioned before. You won't believe me, but it is so much fun to apply the foam to your skin!

a close-up of a foam-moisturizer on a hand

Balea Cake Pop hand foam has a very special place on top of my end table and in my heart. It is a very good vegan skincare product, that helps me to battle the chronic feeling of dry skin, without hurting my budget. I recommend you give it a try, especially if you love the appetizing scent of freshly baked pastry on your skin. 

I also love its lightweight texture, which quickly sinks into the skin and refreshing foamy feeling. Have you ever tried foam lotions? Please, let me know how you prefer to treat skin dryness, maybe you know some homemade recipes? I hope this little review was useful to you, lovelies, until next time, lovelies!

Lots of love,