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It is not a secret, that eyebrows hold the maximum powder over our faces and makeup looks. They can drastically change our facial expressions, make us look older or younger, and even give us a non-surgical facelift. Our eyebrows are like a natural frame for our face and we have an incredible ability to change the way it looks. 

But the fashion and makeup industries have their own solid rules and our eyebrows follow these standards. For the past 10 years, eyebrows have grown stronger and bolder, making their own, very special niche in the beauty industry. You may love major statement eyebrows, or hate this makeup trend, but it is here to stay. Today we are going to dissect a major bushy eyebrow trend and find out how to nail the art of eyebrow shaping!

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How and When the Bushy Eyebrow Trend Appeared?

It is not easy to say, who was the first celebrity, who was spotted with gorgeous bushy eyebrows, while everybody wore thin brows. Bushy eyebrows slowly, but surely made their appearance throughout the previous century. Probably the most iconic bushy eyebrows in the beauty industry are the famous Frida Kahlo's unibrows. I simply can't imagine her with thin Greta Garbo's arches. 

You can see major eyebrows on Audrey Hepburn during the '50s. Audrey loved her eyebrows to be bold and strong. Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her dark violet brows, black hair, and well-defined full-eyebrow look. And later, in the '80s, everyone adored the youthful and unplucked Brooke Shields's eyebrows. And, of course, we still remember Cindy Crawford's and Jennifer Connelly's natural bushy browse and won't forget these iconic eyebrows shortly.

The beginning of the 21st century has struck us with the thin-arched eyebrow trend once again, tempting young girls to pluck away their natural eyebrows. Almost every celebrity wore super-thin eyebrows during the late '90s - early '00s. Pam Anderson, Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, and Paris Hilton have spent a lot of time (and money) regrowing their natural eyebrows later.

You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow. Jack Black

I guess, we all have to express our huge gratitude for saving our eyebrows to the gorgeous model and actress Cara Delevingne. She started to regularly appear on the catwalks and gain popularity, spreading the beauty of her natural unplucked eyebrows to many fashion and makeup enthusiasts.

collage with three women celebrities who have naturally bushy eyebrows

So, since the late 2010s strong eyebrow game is our constant beauty companion. Fashion makeup artists, beauty gurus, and bloggers all over the world are trying to perfect the art of eyebrow filling and shaping. Basically, it is our main beauty mission at the moment! 

Untamed, coquettish, and youthful - major eyebrows can be so different! Famous makeup artist Wayne Goss noted, that if you are going to look back in the history of eyebrow shapes and styles, they've never existed until today. Of course, women preferred differently styled eyebrows throughout history, but no one actually, gave so much importance to the brows.

In recent years, the makeup market has bloomed with a huge range of different eyebrow products. You can find everything you need for eyebrow threading, grooming, filling, and even growing from scratch. A new eyebrow product seems to arrive every other week on the shelves and it's getting harder and harder to find an eyebrow product you actually need.

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It is best to choose an eyebrow product, that works the best with your natural eyebrow hairs, their shape, and color. If you have thin eyebrows, fill them in with the help of brow powder, because this product tends to look more natural on thin hairs. For girls with naturally full brow hairs, I recommend trying a special eyebrow pomade. This product fills in any gaps, covering every hair with color. It is important to pick a brow product with a cool undertone, to avoid unnatural red shade.

How to Do A Bushy Eyebrow Look?

But how to fill in and shape your eyebrows to create a natural full brow effect? You may need a bit of patience and practice, before reaching the perfect strong eyebrow game results. But nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to makeup. Start by preparing the necessary eyebrow makeup arsenal

  • eyebrow pencil, brow pomade, or powder, depending on your personal preference;
  • an eyebrow wand or comb, a flat and thin synthetic brush; 
  • your favorite concealer or full-coverage foundation;
  • a clear or pigmented eyebrow gel.

a collage with pictorial that teaches how to create bushy eyebrow look

Now you are ready to fill in your eyebrows! Start with defining and threading your natural eyebrow shape, don't go too far, just remove the unnecessary eyebrow hairs of your glabella (space between your eyebrows) and release the arch of your eyebrows. When you are done with the eyebrow threading, give your skin some time to rest and heal. Sonal Maniatis, the co-founder of Seva Beauty, suggests waiting at least two hours before applying moisturizers, oils, or makeup to the threaded area. After this short time, you can fill in your eyebrows, follow these simple steps, and don't forget to practice regularly to reach the best results.
  • Start off by measuring the desired future shape of your eyebrow. To find out where your eyebrow should start by measuring a straight line from the tip-defining point of your nose. Then measure a straight line from the corner of your nostrils through the outer corner of your eye to find the endpoint of the eyebrows;
  • Fill in the shape of your natural brows with a sharpened eyebrow pencil, brow pomade, or powder. Leave the beginning of your natural eyebrow untouched, so you can get a soft gradient transition later. Try keeping the natural width of your eyebrow and just add a small amount of product where your natural eyebrow has no natural hair. Don't forget that the upper and lower lines of your eyebrow should be parallel. It is the most important eyebrow rule!;
  • Following the natural 'curve' of your eyebrows, the highest point 'arch' should be somewhere around 3/4 of your eyebrow length. To find out where it should be line up your pencil with the center of where your pupil would be if you were looking straight ahead. Fill in your eyebrow and blend the product with a help of a small synthetic brush. Brush your eyebrow hair upwards with an eyebrow wand;
  • Now it is time to clean up the mess and make the bottom eyebrow line extra neat and sharp. I like to use a blend between foundation and concealer to clean up the line. Apply it with a flat synthetic brush and blend out the product with a ring finger;
  • It is time for the last, final step. Hold your naughty eyebrow hairs in place with an eyebrow gel. You can use a clear gel or darkly pigmented gel. Don't have an eyebrow gel at hand? You can always substitute an eyebrow gel with these eyebrow gel alternatives.

That's how you can get a delightful full-eyebrow look, even if your natural eyebrows are far from being bushy. Just remember to keep your eyebrows strong, but natural. Nobody wants to look strange with a bold eyebrow look. Don't let your eyebrows steal the attention from your beautiful face and your makeup look.

a close-up of an eye with glossy eyelid makeup look and natural bushy eyebrows

Will the Bushy Eyebrow Look Stay Trendy?

When you are strongly filling in your eyebrows, they become your main facial feature. So, it will be wise to build your makeup look and maybe even outfit, concentrating on these strong eyebrows. Balance your makeup look by keeping the rest of your makeup as simple and subtle as possible. No strong contouring, smoky eye, plump and juicy lips, just well-shaped major eyebrows.

It is hard to say for sure if the heavily filled in eyebrow makeup trend is going to disappear in the nearest future. This trend has come and gone during the last century, but it looks like this time major eyebrows had come to stay. Fashion magazines like Allure, Elle, and Vogue have confirmed, that full, strong brows aren't going out of style anytime soon. It is interesting, what the upcoming 2019 year holds for the brow industry.

Hannah Mutze, Benefit Cosmetics’ National brow artist, told to InStyle Australia, that eyebrow contouring is the biggest 2019 eyebrow trend. Basically, eyebrow contouring is the same as an infamous Instagram brow with its clean edges, accentuated arches, and sharptails. Arched eyebrow shape is perfect for girls with big eyelids, it gives an instant eye lift and gives you a lot of space to apply your eye makeup. Start preparing your makeup skills for the next year, because it looks like major eyebrows will continue to frame our faces the next year.

Final Thoughts...

I love major bushy eyebrows, they dramatically change the face, making it more young and fresh. And what about you, guys? Do you love or hate these trends? I would love to hear your opinion on this makeup trend. Have you checked out my earlier post, where I dissect the glossy eyelids makeup trend? Stay tuned, because I have many more trends for future dissection. Until next time, lovelies!

Lots of love,