a close-up of an eye with a rose, glossy eye lid makeup look and well-defined eyebrow.

Who said you should wear your lips gloss only on your lips? When it comes to creating a new eye makeup look, no limit exists to a makeup artist, they use everything in their arsenal to achieve the goal. Glossy eyelids aka “the latex-look lid” is one of the hottest makeup trends, loved by thousands of instant gurus, celebrities, and makeup enthusiasts.

It is not a surprise, because we all know a very simple makeup verification — the glossier, the better! Glossy eyelids instantly add an unusual twist to any classic makeup look, making it a little bit more interesting and edgy. Let's find out, what makes this makeup trend so iconic, how can we recreate the glossy eyes at home, and is really as cool, as it looks.

a portrait of a young woman with black glossy eyelind look and white lashes

The Origins of the Trend

It is hard to say when the glossy eyelid makeup look was first spotted. I believe to see glossy lids on actress Clara Bow in the silent romantic comedy film "It" (1927). Her dusty smoky eyes definitely have a dewy finish. Today, glossy eyelids were widely popularized by countless runway shows. As an example, glossy eyelids (together with thick eyebrows) appeared on Mara Hoffman, Luca Luca, and L’wren Scott's Spring 2012 shows and later on the New York runways of the spring/summer 2015 collections. 

You could say, that glossy eye look is a simplified version of well-known metallic eyes, but it isn't the same. Unlike metallic eyes, glossy eyelids are created in a totally different and more complicated way. You will need to struggle a little to reach this damp mermaid effect on your eyes.

How to Create a Glossy Eyelid Look?

Actually, there are several ways how you can create glossy eyelid makeup and make it really last on the skin. First way: apply eyeshadow all over the lids and coat than with a clear lip gloss for a beautiful crystal shine. Shimmer eyeshadows look even more playful under the coat of gloss and under a coat of shimmer lip gloss, your eyelids will shine even brighter. You can substitute eyeshadow with eye kohl or special eye pencil and also coat it with gloss. Own a pigmented lipstick or a lip stain? Then use them on your eyelids for a very subtle shine on the lids.

a close up of a blue eye with long false lashes and copper glossy eyelid makeup look.

What Products Do You Need?

But, of course, there are a few little, but disturbing malfunctions you may encounter while wearing glossy eyelid makeup. Some clear lip glosses can feel really sticky or tacky on the surface of the skin and there is only one salvation from this inconvenience: a non-sticky lip gloss. There are a bunch of lip glosses, that do not feel sticky on the skin, are affordable, and can be used on the eyelids. Some of them are Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Gloss (≈$6), e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Lacquer (≈$2) and Burt's Bees Smooth Lip Gloss (≈$4).

In case you are a huge fan of glossy eyelids and can't imagine a hot night out party without this detail, opt-out lip glosses and try an actual eye gloss, specially developed for this purpose. For example, Yves Saint Laurent Eye Gloss Smudger (≈$30), M·A·C Studio Eye Gloss (≈$22), and NYX Lid Lacquer (≈$7), these products will provide a high shine to your lids, without a sticky or greasy feeling.

a close-up og a green eye with black and orange glossy eye lid makeup look and fuzzy eyebrows

Another little problem, that can make your glossy eyelids less attractive and wearable is creasing and smudging. The glossier your lids (the more product there is on your eyes) the bigger the possibility of creating. How to prevent your glossy eyes from creasing? Start your makeup with a very clean, non-oily, and dirt-free canvas. Apply a mattifying eyeshadow primer, that won't be too heavy and oily, give your primer some time for absorbing. Put eyeshadow on your eyes, cover it with a thin coat of clear lip gloss or lid lacquer, and softly dab it on your eyes. 

A makeup artist and a huge glossy eyelid trend fan  Katie Jane Hughes suggests using only a small amount of the gloss – a little goes a long way! I wouldn't recommend you to wear glossy eyes on a super hot day – gloss may melt off the skin, but the colder time of the year, can make this look even more durable. By the way, using waterproof mascara, instead of your regular mascara is also a nice idea.

a close-up of a light blue eye with a glossy lavender makeup look

Final Thoughts...

A glossy eyelids makeup trend is hard to pull off, but this mission isn't impossible. With a little bit of practice and the right makeup products, you can easily reach a beautiful dewy look in your eyes. When you are trying out a new makeup trend, the question is always the same – do I love it or hate it?

Personally, I love glossy eyelids, they give a fresh, youthful touch to your look, especially if you keep the rest of your makeup minimal. And what about you guys? What do you think of glossy eyes? I would love to hear your opinion. Check out my post about the soul-eater lip trend and stay tuned, because I have more makeup trends for future dissection. Until next time, lovelies!

Lots of love,