a close-up of a pink and black rose pattern nail look done with a help of nail stamping

You have definitely heard about nail stamping. It is one of those quick and easy methods to get neat designs and patterns onto your nail plate in no time! The nail stamping technique allows you to achieve a perfect nail design at home, therefore almost every nail polish lover has already tried this simple and convenient nail art method. All you need to have are three items: nail polish, a nail stamper, and a plate with pre-made designs.

What is a Nail Stamping Plate?

At first glance, what is easier than swiping some nail polish over the stainless steel plate, transferring the design onto the stamper, and pressing it against your nail plate. Sounds like anyone can do it, isn't it? But, sometimes, even the most famous and skillful nail artists can't get the perfect stamping design on the very first try. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, as you might have guessed, today I'm going to try a nail stamping technique for the first time. I want to create a beautiful (or not) manicure and share the whole process with you.

close-up of a steel nail stamping plate on a pink background

I didn't want to overcomplicate my first nail stamping experience and picked two basic colors: a yogurt pink creamy nail polish by Brazilian brand Colorama and an opaque Basic Black lacquer by Born Pretty. For the best results, it is important to use a well-pigmented and opaque nail polish, that provides the perfect coverage. Stamping nail polish must have a perfect consistency - not too thick and not too runny. The basic black nail polish has perfect coverage and consistency for stamping, so it was the main reason why I picked it for my design.

Valentine's Day Stamping Nail Art Plate* by Born Pretty is my first and only nail stamping plate. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the plate's quality. It comes carefully sealed with transparent protective tape and you need to remove it before the first usage. The plate is glued onto a firm plastic base for comfortable handling. The Valentine's Day-themed plate features 24 unique designs and patterns and you can use it to create cute and romantic manicures on your nails.

close-up of a transparent nail stamper on a pink background

Together with a nail stamping plate, I received a Clear Jelly Nail Stamper*, it comes together with a scraper — a plastic card that removes excessive nail polish. The nail stamper looks like a jelly marshmallow and feels so soft and good to touch! Though be careful not to damage it with your nails, the jelly stamper is tender.

How to Use Nail Stamping Plate?

Right after I removed the protective tape, I used a nail polish remover to degrease the plate, so the nail polish can grab easier. You can also use rubbing alcohol or acetone to degrease the plate. Pick a suitable design and apply nail polish to the plate. For my first attempt, I picked a rose pattern and filled it with black nail polish. Carefully wipe the excessive amount of nail polish with a plastic scraper and transfer the pattern onto the stamper. I know it sounds a bit complicated, but this routine is simpler than it seems at first. Gently press the jelly stamper on the nail plate, transferring the design.

a close-up of a pink and black rose pattern nail look done with a help of nail stamping

The rose pattern transferred onto my nail from the first attempt. Maybe it doesn't look too perfect, but I was rather surprised by the result. The lines looked neat and the process wasn't too complicated. I used a thin synthetic brush and nail polish remover to clean up the skin around the nail. Now starts the messy party! You need to clean up the plate to repeat the process once again. This is my least favorite part of the nail stamping process. Make sure you are not using a hand with a freshly applies nail look, or you will destroy the precious stamping design.

I applied a rose design on my middle and ring fingers, covering the rest of the nails with black nail polish. Covering the nails with a clear, shiny top coat is the last step. Try using a no-smudge top coat, because some top coats can smudge and ruin your stamping design. I used a No Smudge Top Coat by Born Pretty to seal the deal. This top coat doesn't smudge the nail polish and adds a beautiful glossy finish to the nails. 

I guess, the result is not so bad as for the first try, though I feel my nail art creativity is limited by a lack of imagination. I definitely need to check out some nail stamping ideas, which I can recreate using this stamping plate. The method is simple and it is the main reason why I like it. Anyone can create beautiful nail art at home with the stamping technique. The pros of nail stamping are obvious. And the main con and the biggest turn off this method is the messy process. I don't like to worry about the nail polish mess and spending time cleaning the stains. And what do you think, lovelies? Have you ever tried to create nail art with the help of nail stamping tools? Please let me know about your experience and opinion in the comments.

Lots of love,