collage with wedding ideas, decorations and color palette for vineyard ceremony

Unlike romantic forest weddings, vineyard ceremonies are less common among young couples. The reason why wedding at the winery is less popular is obvious —not every city, state, and even country has an easily-accessible vineyard. Yet, a winery wedding ceremony has numerous advantages over other outdoor venues. 

Of course, you are going to take care of extra details like guest transportation and pick the right season for the ceremony (harvest time may not be the best idea), but pleasant memories are more important than these little troubles. In my humble opinion, a vineyard is one of the best outdoor wedding locations. 

bridesmaid in an elegant mermaid floor-length dress

First of all, wine plantations have everything you need to please the tummies of your friends and relatives. They are usually situated close to farms with ecologically clean fruits and vegetables. You can use eco-materials like hay, fallen leaves, and dry tree branches to decorate a wedding setting. Use these materials in your bridal bouquet to add authenticity. Most of the wineries have countryside restaurants with electricity and restrooms, so you won't need to worry about this aspect.

Wondering what wedding dress to choose for the vineyard wedding ceremony? I'm fascinated by the sophisticated beauty of mermaid dresses. A long gown made from lightweight lace will look particularly beautiful in dark surroundings. Ivory, beige and eggshell colors are not as bright as white, so they look harmonic with the color of vine leaves and dry ground.

The winery is a great location for other formal and semi-formal celebrations like prom and homecoming.  You can pick celebratory mermaid prom dresses with your friends, that will fit the overall entourage of this charming location. Burgundy-red, royal purple and deep blue colors were made for special late-night occasions like this! Minimum accessories and comfortable, but beautiful shoes are mandatory for the vineyard ceremony.

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