collage with a farm wedding decorations and color palette

If you want your wedding ceremony to be as close to the nature side as possible then a farm (or barn) wedding theme is exactly what you need. Farm weddings are getting more and more popular in recent days, therefore there are a whole bunch of ecological farm venues in almost every city and state. I'm continuing the outdoor wedding inspiration cycle and today we are going to gaze on a charming farm wedding theme.

beautiful bridesmaid in a long, tulle dress is posing close to the mirror

Plan your wedding escape on a previously prepared and decorated local farm, located just outside of your city. Such a location will ensure easy access for all your friends and relatives. Use secondary raw materials to build ceremonial arches such as feathers, fallen dry leaves, flowers, and dry branches. Dry flowers and lanterns will add an additional rusty charm to a farm venue.

And what about bridal and guest attire? Off-shoulder medium dress with a very simple bridal veil and ruffled design is going to look romantic and feminine. Your lovely bridesmaids can pick up sexy evening gowns and put some fresh flowers in their hair. As for the wedding colors, juicy yellow, orange, rusty bronze, and apple green will profitably compliment the whole vibe of the farm wedding.

bridesmaid in a long, lace dress is posing next to a huge mirror

To make your guest some tiny, but memorable gifts, give them pots with herbs or flowers, which were grown by your hands. These little live plants will remind your friends of the wedding festivities and promote green living. A recyclable pack of rare flowers for future planting will also be a very pleasant and sustainable offering.

Lots of Love,