delicious wedding dessert for chocolate and wine ceremony

It is almost impossible to find an adult who doesn't adore the bitterness of dark chocolate and the sweetness of red, enveloping wine. Isn't it a great theme for your autumn outdoor wedding ceremony? An abundant amount of chocolate, pyramids of glasses filled with sparkling wine, and a placer of rose petals — it is one of the most beautiful and amorous surroundings for the newlyweds. Well, with the irreplaceable help of the BM Dresses for brides and bridesmaids, we are going to take a closer look at and find out more about the charming chocolate and wine theme.

Chocolate & Wine Wedding Venue

Let me start with the best wedding venue for a chocolate and wine ceremony. Clearly, one of the best locations for chocolate and wine is going to be the vineyard venue. Vineyards have everything you need to hold a simple, nature-friendly ceremony and treat your guests with the tastiest vine and fresh goodies from nearby farms. Of course, it won't be the easiest (and cheapest!) task to bring all of your visitors and organizations to the vineyard, but the memories are so worth all of this effort.

pure white wedding dress for wine and chocolate wedding ceremony

Bride's & Bridesmaids' Dresses

Beige, eggshell, and ivory wedding dresses look innocent and captivating, but the classic white dress is going to stand out on the background of faded autumn colors and unlit decorations. In this case, the whiter is the dress, the more attention it draws to the beautiful bride. 

Of course, dark brown, chocolate-like bridesmaid dresses look like an obvious color option, yet appealing dusk bridesmaid dresses are going to compliment the pureness of bridal wedding dresses, making them appear even more brilliant-looking. Plus, such delicately obscure, washed colors match both the chocolate and the wine entourage.

dusk bridesmaids dress for wine and chocolate wedding ceremony

Chocolate & Wine Wedding Banquet

For the banquet prepare nontrivial chocolate-based dishes: salmon and chocolate sauce, beef with rosemary, and chocolate or smoked steak with black coffee and chocolate topping. For vegetarians arrange grilled seasonal veggies. Wine-based drinks and cocktails are a great alternative for those who are tired of plain wine. Apart from delicious wine and chocolate-based main courses, cool-weather ceremonies call for warming beverages. Treat your guests and yourself with a hot chocolate bar, infused with aromatic spices, sweet marshmallows, and minty candies. Isn't it a fantastic idea?

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