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Outdoor Wedding Ideas: Enchanting Forest Ceremony Inspiration

green wedding theme collage

Outdoor wedding venues are becoming more and more popular among newly engaged couples. Modern people value the simplicity and personal experience over the material belongings, therefore ceremonies under the opened sky and surrounded by beautiful nature are one of the most favored destinations. Inspired by the glory of natural world and people's desire to preserve it for future, I've decided to write a series of short, yet informative blog posts about outdoor wedding ideas.
In this blog post, with the help of BabyOnlineDress, we are going to talk about forest wedding ceremonies, which are usually located in depth of National Parks, indigenous gardens and valleys. Forest locations look especially attractive to me in the end of spring and the very beginning of summer seasons, when the weather is very warm, yet not too hot. Saturated colors of forest green, earthy brown and sky blue beneficially overlap each other, complementing the whiteness of brides dress.

Pick up dusty rose, diluted blue or pure white sexy bridesmaid dresses to complete the whole fashion ensemble at your forest wedding ceremony. Green-colored dresses may merge with the color of trees and bushes. Tiny details such as silky ribbons, environmentally safe lanterns, rusty eco-friendly furniture and abundant amount of fresh flowers will make the wedding location even more memorable. All question about the place, where the ceremony will be held, and the rules you will need to ask to local authorities. 

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