model at a runway fashion show with a trendy makeup look

Hello, lovelies, can you believe that it is almost summer? We are only a few weeks away from the hottest and the longest days of the year, filled with an abundant supply of free vitamin D (thank you, sunshine!) and refreshing breath of sea breeze. Together with these pleasant climate changes, the summer season always brings a bunch of freshly-baked fashion and beauty trends. 

Are you excited about the impending days? Because I've gathered up a fiery bundle of my favorite makeup trends for the summer of 2019 year. Here you can find everything from expressive colors and bleached eyebrows to classic true red lips. Which trend is your favorite?

collage with three beautiful makeup looks from the  The Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture Show by Chanel
The Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture Show by Chanel

Royal Turquoise 

Densely colored turquoise smokey eyes were the driving force of the whole Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture Collection by Chanel, so why don’t we wear this gorgeous shade of blue-green on our eyelids throughout the whole summer 2019 season? Use a good eyeshadow primer or creamy black eye kohl as a base for the turquoise eyeshadow and don’t forget the main rule for this makeup - eye makeup goes before face makeup.

collage with three beautiful makeup looks from the  Rodarte, Cushnie, Koche runway shows
Left to right: Rodarte, Cushnie, Koche

Rouged Lips

Have you seen the latest Chanel makeup collection? It is all about romantic and sexy red lippies. You can spot similar statement lips on Rodarte models - the girls looked innocently appealing with colorful eyeshadows and bright red lipstick. As you can see above, models at Chanel's Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture also wore hot red lipstick. Let's hope this trend stays at least until the late autumn.

collage with three beautiful makeup looks from the Valentino, Pamella Roland, Telfar fashion runway shows
Left to right: Valentino, Pamella Roland, Telfar

Bleached Or De-emphasized Eyebrows

I can't say that bleached eyebrows are frequently recurring makeup trend this summer, but there were spotted a few models, who definitely rocked no eyebrows look. And Kim Shui's ladies were all 'browless' on the runway! So, if you always wanted to try the no eyebrow game there is no better time for experiments. Not sure if you can rock the look? Try concealing your eyebrow hairs with a full-coverage concealer or powder them with opaque mineral powder.

collage with three beautiful makeup looks from the  Nicole Miller, Kim Shui, Vaquera fashion runway shows
Left to right: Nicole Miller, Kim Shui, Vaquera

Puddle Of Mud

As a fan of all things smudged, distressed, and worn-out, the next makeup trend is my favorite. I'm talking about good old smokey eyes, which look even muddier this summer. Spotted on Nicole Miller's and Skim Shui's shows the smudgy eyeshadow (and eyeliner) trends keep coming back almost every new season, but this summer it looks especially nostalgic. Pair the makeup with denim and khaki pieces and lacquered crossbodies for an authentic '90s look.

collage with three beautiful makeup looks from the  Eckhaus Latta, Kim Shui, Jeremy Scott fashion runway shows
Left to right: Eckhaus Latta, Kim Shui, Jeremy Scott

Metal On The Lips

The metallic lip is another makeup trend from the sentimental '90s and whether you prefer matte or shimmering finishes, you can easily stay trendy this summer with this bold and reflecting lip trend. Don't forget to prepare the skin of your lips before applying your metallic lipstick. Gentle lip scrub and moisturizing lip balm are the two main pillars on which long-lasting lip makeup stands.

collage with three beautiful makeup looks from the  Dion Lee, Proenza Schouler, Tibi fashion runway shows
Left to right: Dion Lee, Proenza Schouler, Tibi

Natural Beauty

Untouched, natural beauty will always be a major beauty trend. This season naturally beautiful models with minimum and no makeup took part in Dion Lee's, Tibi's, and Proenza Schouler's shows and looked simply fantastic. To achieve effortless and natural-looking 'no makeup' makeup look emphasize your eyebrows, even out your complexion with subtle BB cream, and touch your cheeks bones with a dewy highlighter.

collage with three beautiful makeup looks from the Novis, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Anna Sui fashion shows.
Left to right: Novis, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Anna Sui

A Touch Of Orange

And, finally, a few words about hot orange eyeshadow. Orange is truly a new black this season! Designers like Phillip Lim and Marc Jacobs incorporated different shades of orange in their Spring/Summer 2019 collections. Orange splashes were also seen on Gypsy Sport and Anna Sui shows.

Lots of love,