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Outdoor Wedding Ideas: Lakeside Wedding Ceremony Inspiration

nature wedding theme inspiration

Is there anything better than refreshing summer wind blowing from the river or a lake during the hot day? Apart from just having a beautiful view, lakeside wedding has this important advantage over other wedding locations. Your friends and relatives will appreciate your choice without any doubts! Ladies and gentlemen, with some help from BabyOnlineDress, we are going to take a closer look at a lakeside wedding ceremony and discuss few important aspects.

If you plan to hold your wedding ceremony during the hottest summer months, than picking a location that is situated close to lake or pond will be a great idea. Of course, lakeside venues also have few cons: no one likes annoying insects and damp surrounding may ruin the hairstyle. Yet, despite of these tiny issues, which you can solve by placing a tent, lakeside points are so romantic and peaceful.

nature wedding theme inspiration

You can opt for a floor-length wedding dress in slightly grayish or beige shades of white and for your lovely bridesmaids, choose cheap bridesmaid dresses with a beautiful flowing gowns made from summer-friendly chiffon or an other breathable material. Complete bridesmaid outfits with few nature-inspired accessories like live flowers and leaves. You can DIY brooches and bracelets, incorporating natural materials into these creations, plus these accessories will make great gifts for your bridesmaids or guests.

nature wedding theme inspiration

Decorate the wedding area with fairy-like lanterns, candles and see-through pieces of fabrics. Floral and leafy garlands will add coziness to the guest area. Calming natural colors like navy blue, forest green and dusty blue will fit the lakeside location, camouflaging the most special day of your life from the world's eye.

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