female legs wearing black combat boots and laying on the bed

The grungy boots with a heavy chunky heel were my favorite fashion item all the way through my high school and university days. I was wearing them daily and there were no rules or appropriate occasions for me and my bad-ass boots. I’ll be absolutely sincere with you, I’m glad those teenage days are in the past. But a pair of rebel combat boots with chunky heels was something I missed to own, so when I saw these Cobra Combat Ankle Boots* at Zaful store I knew they are coming back in my life.

close-up of a black combat boots on a white background in the studio

Now, when the '90s trends are popular once again, tough combat boots seem to be appropriate at last. And don’t worry if you are new to the combat boot trend, they are versatile and go great with almost any outfit, plus very comfortable to wear. Everyone from Selena Gomez to Madonna has been spotted wearing this fierce footwear. And I bet any fashionista can pull off an outfit featuring a beautiful pair of combat boots, whether it is a floral dress or a leather biker jacket.

female legs wearing black combat boots and laying on the bed

When I opened the box with my Cobra Combat Ankle Boots I immediately fell in love, they looked chunky and felt pretty heavy. At first, I was worrying a bit about the pain or other discomfort that this weight can cause but luckily them these boots turned out to be one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I ever had. They are a bit roomy inside, but I’d rather have them a little bit larger, so there is room for warm socks inside. 

These heavy-duty combat boots are made of PU material - a kind of faux leather that is combined with polyurethane and has a sleek shiny appearance. The chunky platform heel is made of firm rubber and soles of rubber traction. Overall combat boots by Zaful are very well designed, they are comfortable to wear and look amazing. The only complaint I have about these boots is a shaft width, I wish them to be a little tighter around my ankles.

close-up of a black combat boots on a white background in the studio

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In a nutshell, I'm convinced that nothing can beat a pair of these stylish and comfortable boots for the upcoming winter season. With proper care, this footwear is guaranteed to last you for years to come. Check out the whole range of various combat boots by Zaful. And now it is giveaway time! To celebrate the biggest shopping event of the year Black Friday Zaful is giving away a $100 gift card for 10 lucky shoppers, just follow these simple steps to enter the giveaway. Good luck, my angels!

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