flatlay with men jewelry

Whether are looking for the most rebellious male jewelry or simply searching for inspiration for the autumn wardrobe and accessory renovation, my today's post is going to be very helpful, because today I flocked together with the best autumn jewelry trends for doughty men. From swanky golden chains and layered pendant necklaces, sprinkled with real hip hop jewelry vibe to shiny and minimal designs, ideal for everyday wear — which one of these men's jewelry trends fascinate and inspire you the most?

collage with three bling bling watches on hands

Starting with the most blinding bling in the tops — iced golden watch, scattered with rhinestones and gems. This is definitely not a trend for everyday wear and not for everyone, but it is so hard to resist. This accessory combines two aspects at the same 'time' — the talent, artistic taste of jewel maker, and calibrated life flow of the owner.

collage with three hiph hop pendants on mens' necks

If previous year men wore thick metal, leather, and cloth bracelet, this year fashion evolved towards a more minimal and light side. Few stylish bracelets layered together in one look, will look simple and not too overwhelming. You can even play with a different metal, colors, and texture combinations in one wrist.

Various hip-hop pendants are going to stay trendy until early winter. It's shocking how such a small detail as a pendant can boost up your style. Cross, ankh, and sword-like pendants in posh white gold and silver colors are my personal favorites. Basically, you don't need to wear anything, but a fancy watch and a statement pendant of your choice. 

collage with three hip hop chains

Inspired by the '80s and '90s pop and hip-hop stars, gentlemen will be wearing fine and golden eyeglasses. I really love the aviator-style eyeglasses in this slightly vintage and very refined execution. I believe this trend is going to last a very long time. And what about golden sunglasses? I bet even the gods will see this divine golden glow! 

If you are confident enough, start mixing heavy hip-hop chains with minimalist chokers and multiple thin rings on your fingers. Of course, this look is not for everyone, especially if you work in a strict corporate business, yet you can wear them for a crazy night out, of course, if you have enough style to pull the heavily-equipped look off.

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