woman wearing rose gold wig

Thinking about some dramatic changes, but not ready for a radical shift in your appearance? A high-quality synthetic wig or human hair extension is one of the easiest and the most affordable ways to change the way your hair looks. The reason why most prefer a wig to radical hair change is very obvious. Colorful wigs and hair extensions do not harm your natural hair and save your budget. And, if properly stored and cared for, they can last years and years, adding personality to your look. 

From washed-out shades of lavender, powder pink, and light blue to a wide range of vivid pastel hues — you can get the hair color of your dream in no time! Everything is possible with the right synthetic wig. And here are some of the most popular colors and styles worthy of your attention.

a woman wearing rose gold pastel wig

Adorable Pink Wig

Every girl loves the softness and cuteness of the pink color. Pastel shades of pink look incredible on every skin complexion and beautifully emphasize the facial features. My personal favorite shades are faded salmon, rose gold, and strawberry blond. These colors are both mellow, yet add an unforgettable twist to the look. Therefore, you can never go wrong with a pink wig, especially if you have a matching kawaii outfit and delicate makeup. By the way, the pink wig is the most popular wig color among celebrities. Isn’t it just another reason to get yourself one?

a woman wearing pastel green wig

Mermaid Green Wig

Pastel mint or teal color is the color of freshness and cool sea breeze. It is a color of seafoam, and, of course, the color of our favorite summer cocktails. Mermaid-approved mint pastel green wig is a perfect choice for a girl with a romantic personality. Paired with another everlasting hair trend — soft wavy texture, this wig has no other competitors. 

A cool-toned pastel green looks especially great on girls with the same cool-toned complexions. It will help to brighten up your look and balance the edgy outfit. So, if you are a fan of alternative clothing and mint chocolate, then this wig is a must-have for you.

a woman wearing lavender wig

Dreamy Lavender Wig

And my personal favorite — a dreamy lavender wig. The graceful and elegant lavender color will perfectly represent the mysterious aspect of your personality. If you're looking for a good way to balance your favorite dark grape lipstick, bold eyebrows, and the knitted dress check out the wig shops near me and look no further. 

Of course, a sweet lavender wig is an amazing option, yet your heart may lean more to the dark side. In this case, you may prefer the mysterious dark purple wigs and hair extensions. This color looks fantastic with yellow, mustard, and earthy shades. But the pale shades of green also fit the dark purple color.

a woman wearing blue wig

Cloudy Blue Wig

And, lastly, the dreamiest of them all, a pastel blue wig that always reminds us of freshly-knitted cotton candy cones. If Melanie Martinez and Kylie Jenner circa 2019 are your celebrity crushes, then you should invite a blue wig into your life. It gives an instant boost in confidence, as every eye is going to be on you and your gorgeous hair. For the most realistic appeal opt for pale, washed-off colors like glacier blue, and blue-gray. Combine it with soft-textured waves, or blunt cut bob style and you’ll get a trendy look for every day and more.

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