woman in white tee
Photo: Ivan Oboleninov

Modern women love wearing modern designs. But that doesn’t mean that simply because it is the newest in fashion it has to be uncomfortable. We love a top that gives us the right balance of comfy and a sense of fashion all at once. What we love, too, is the sense of timeless fashion that never goes out of style. Having to replace your carefully chosen wardrobe every single fashion season is not only tedious but expensive. You don’t need to always refresh your style every year, however! There are amazing, fashionable tops in styles that are timeless that every woman should know about and have in her closet.

Not only are the boutique tops we’re about to look at always on-trend, but they are also a fantastic addition to a woman looking to declutter her closet. We often pack our wardrobes with too many items and find that many of our garments or accessories simply are not worn. When it comes to fashion, finding the right top to wear on any given day tends to be the most overwhelming. Unlike our favorite pair of leggings or jeans, it’s unlikely we want to wear the same shirt or two every day. So to cut through the clutter and to always ensure your outfit is always stylish, here are some of the best women’s boutique tops that are always fashionable to wear.

woman in white cami

1. The Cami

The camisole or cami as it is also referred to is a versatile and essential part of any woman’s wardrobe for years. The thin straps and simple design allow this top to be packed full of potential with any outfit. Whether it’s made of silk, cotton, or material blends these loose-fitting tops are perfect for going out for any occasion. Pair them with jeans for a casual look or tucked into a shirt for an evening about town. Camis are also the ultimate in layering under sweatshirts or sweaters for added coverage.

2. The Scoop Tee

Whether it’s basic white or black, the scoop-neck t-shirt has become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. The scoop tee can be both fashionable, trendy, or simply functional when you need it and are essential to have on hand. Crewnecks and V-neck options are available for t-shirts of course, but when it comes to a design that is the most universally flattering and goes with any outfit? It’s the scoop tee for sure!

woman wearing ruffled top

3. Peplums and Ruffles

What kind of boutique top can double for both something floral, something fun, and something flowy at the same time? The ageless peplum tops! Whether with extra ruffles or a structured type, the peplum top or blouse is form-flattering for all bodies. Plus, the cute frills can be airy and light and help you feel as if you’re floating.

4. The Button-Down Shirt

While it’s considered a workwear staple, the button-down shirt can be worked into your weekend wardrobe. Mix and match with pencil skirts, your favorite jeans, and go oversized with leggings – the button-down works with literally everything. These collared shirts are a touch of sophistication that melts into casual chic whenever you need them. Make a button-down stunning with a chunky statement necklace and several of your favorite bracelets all at once for a glamorous look.

woman wearing animal print top

5. Animal Print Tops

If you thought this glamorous Hollywood era style was far behind us, you’d be incorrect. There is something about the animal print that begs to be part of a woman’s wardrobe throughout eras. While some animal prints fade in and out, nature-loving fashionistas rejoice as they always seem to reappear, and this year they have. Whether you want to rock the cheetah print, tiger, or even snakeskin, an animal print top is a definite must-have for an ageless wardrobe.

6. Statement Sleeve Tops

While not technically the entire top, tops with head-turning statement sleeves should also always be in your wardrobe for every season. There are so many different statement sleeves that having a few tops with different statement sleeves can give you unique looks for days. Bell sleeves, bishop sleeves, flounce sleeves, ruffle sleeves, layered sleeves and so many more statement sleeves have been and remain a gorgeous top for many types of looks.

These boutique tops and their styles have proven the test of time for decades. By always having one of these tops in your closet, you’ll always have just the right top to wear for just the right occasion no matter what.

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