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Every new summer season fashionistas face an important fashion choice: comfort or style? It is hard enough to look presentable when the weather is pleasantly warm and breezy. However, when the summer approaches, most of us will prefer personal comfort over style. Still, I believe, fashion shouldn't set anyone in such frames, allowing everyone to feel both free and good-looking. One of such fashion compromises is a nautical style which is both summer-ready and insanely eye-pleasing. Why don't we all draw some fashion inspiration from the sailors and find out more about this style with the help of the Milanoo store?

The Birth Of Nautical Fashion Trend

Fishermen, naval forces, and marine lovers have probably existed since the beginning of humans as species. The love between a man and a sea is glorified through the endless pages of marine literature, music, artworks, and even oral stories. Ernest Hemingway in his book "The Old Man and The Sea", through the mouth of the main protagonist of the book, said that he always thought of the sea as 'la mar' which is what people call her in Spanish when they love her. It is understandable why people want to dress up in things that remind them of the sea's calamity.

two women wearing nautical outfits are posing on the beach
Auleta Shot Shu Pei Qin and Tian Yi for Vogue China.

Yet, the birth of nautical fashion as an actual trend can be traced back to the Victorian era in British Empire. The 19th century is known as a century of the great seas explorations and expansions through the strength of the Royal Navy. Therefore, the military naval uniform reasonably became a symbol of power and bravery. Her Majesty herself made a miniature sailor suit for her son Prince Albert Edward. And that is how the nautical trend in fashion was officially born.

What are the Key Elements of Nautical Style

Of course, since the Victorian era fashion has undergone vast changes. Everyday styles are more versatile and unisex, while personal fashion is all about self-expression. These changes touched nautical style as well. It isn't just a privilege of navy and high-society people to rock the nautical or, how it is also called sailor fashion. Everyone can enjoy the marine influences in their clothing. To make it a bit easier for understanding, there are a few key elements that will help you to identify and incorporate nautical style in your outfits:

woman in gladiator sandals in posing on a sandy beach

  • The Royal Navy uniform has three predominant colors: black, navy blue (dark blue), and white. Pale palettes and neutral shades can also be used for the color balance;

  • White on the blue stripes, which decorate the collar, can be used as a main print of the look;

  • White ropes and knots, which serve an important role on the ship, are now incorporated as lace, accessories, and other elements of the outfit; 

  • The preference is given to natural, affordable materials such as linen, canvas, rough chambray, and jersey. Still, there is always a place for flowy silk, bamboo, and wool.

  • Loose, simple silhouettes are essential for the nautical style. Simple, boyish cuts, long straight pants, Wide-legged pants, straight cuts, shorts just below the knee, and floor-length dresses create a necessary appeal for the style;

  • Don't forget about the straw hat, it will not only protect your head from the sun but also plays a huge role in your sailor look.

woman on the beacj wearing ruffled stripped monokini

How to Dress in Nautical Fashion for Summer

Now when we know the main elements of the style, let's talk about a few fashion examples and style icons who love to wear nautical style. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kate Moss can be spotted wearing stripes, anchors, and navy blue blazers casually. They are a great example of an effortless approach to this style.

Don't be overwhelmed with the number of details, you can take only one or two elements and build your very own nautical look only around naval-inspired colors. Beachy accessories may play a huge role in the formation of your look. Take a look at some styles, which you were avoiding before, they may be your ideal choice for a nautical feel. For example, a boat neckline isn't the most famous style when it comes to picking up a summer t-shirt or top. However, combine a boat neckline with stripes, and you got yourself a perfect nautical top.

woman close to the boat wearing nautical outfit

For the bottom, opt for flares, or bell-bottom pants. They can be a pair of simple linen pants or even lightweight jeans. Looks perfectly suitable, isn't it? Don't stop your choice only on pants, when you can continue experimenting with skirts and shorts. A pair of stylish gladiator sandals may become a suitable choice for a mini white dress, as they remind of the Odyssey and Jason's marine adventures.

Did you know that seawater feels warmer at night? This only means that the temperature of the environment is getting colder. To protect yourself from the evening breeze throw a chunky knit sweater on top of your vintage monokini. It will add up to your nautical outfit, and keep you warm.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, I would like to say that the nautical style is beyond time and trend. It won't go out of fashion any time soon, making it perfect for adaptation. More than that, nautical fashion is comfortable in the summer and sustainable. It uses a large number of natural materials. Basically, anything you find on the beach can be used as an accessory. So, what do you think of it? Would you wear this style in the summer?

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