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After chemically processed, your hair can become dry and unhealthy. Only perfect nourishment can provide silky, shiny, smooth, and strong texture. Dry, damaged, and even mistreated hair can't give you the strong, shiny hair you seek. It won’t coat the hair with any heavy products that just attract dust or debris due to dull hair.

Fully clean and nourished hair enables your hair cuticles to relax smoothly and give a natural shine with strength. When cuticles are too thin, they can sit up due to hair looking dull or damaged. After better conditioning plus treatment from the stylist, your hair will look wonderful. It has a sleeking and silky feel with a shiny texture that you need. This article will help you to discern how to Keep Relaxed Hair Silky and Strong. Keep reading on and know more tips for healthy hair.

How to Keep Relaxed Hair Silky and Strong

Follow steps one by one to keep your relaxed hair silky and strong:

1. Start with Hair Relaxer

After relaxing hair using products, the hair cuticles are enforced to lay down. Plus, your hair is smoothed or nourished by a relaxer like a conditioner maintaining a shiny or healthy look.

2. Use Nourishing Remedies

However, if it is not maintained properly using natural hair oil, the hair becomes dull, dry, and damaged gradually. Natural oil helps to remove the chemical process. A hair relaxer or conditioner is a chemical process that relaxes your natural hair or curls. This process must be done by proper hair care to remove application mishaps and underprocessing. You also can select the Best Foam Wrap Lotion for Relaxed Hair.

Healthy hair can't Grow; Need to be Established

To enjoy silky and strong, relaxed hair, at first, you need to understand the perfect balance of your healthy hair. Healthy hair can't grow automatically, and it needs to establish. Your hair needs to be applied oil and moisturize to keep hydrated and elastic. The means of it: softness, strength, length, and manageability.

But you have to understand every hair isn’t equal and works in different ways.

Asian Hair: If your hair is an Asian texture, it has a straight natural bond texture with full natural oils. If you fail to moisturize your hair perfectly, your hair must be very dry plus brittle.

African American Hair: African American hair contains a little bit of natural oil, and it can break if you don't moisturize the hair properly. That means you haven't to apply heavy oil to your hair. So, moisturize the hair regularly and treat or maintain healthy hair with shin-wrapping hair at night.

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10 Tips For Healthy Hair

Healthy hair can't achieve genetically; it has to be established. Make sure your hair is relaxed hair and stays in the right shape with good health. For this, you have to maintain the following 10-tips that help you to get healthy hair.

  • Use conditioner weekly;

  • Skip over conditioning;

  • Use shampoo;

  • Trim 6 to 8 weeks;

  • Apply moisturizer daily;

  • For styling tools with heat protectors;

  • Apply loose styles;

  • Wear head wrap during the night;

  • Use low-temperature minimal styling hair tools;

  • Try to do professional treatment bi-weekly.

Enjoy Smooth, Silky, and Shiny Hair

You have to follow the following tips, excellent results for smooth, healthy, shiny, and strong hair.

1. Set the hair using conditioner and lotion.

2. Dry the hair with medium-high heat. It is most important to let your hair cool before gloss grease with low shine drops by relaxed hair.

3. Wrap the hair with a medium-size comb or brush to lay all go astray hair down.

4. Go with a medium-high dryer and a clear plastic cap for 8 to 10 minutes to prevent roller parts.

5. You have to comb the hair with a large size comb that won't snag.

6. Part hair on the reverse side on the way of wrap for a boost.

7. Use styling tools like ceramic iron that are durable and great to apply. However, if the hair can’t be maintained properly daily, this simple way will be very harmful and hold up the natural oils.

8. A flat iron that isn't ceramic can reason the hair to scorch plus later break.

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Wrap Hair at Night

To make your hairstyle last longer, wrap up your hair for the whole night! Here are the steps of the hair wrapping  process:

  • Comb your all hair around the whole head from top to bottom properly;

  • Comb the hair from left to right and again right to left;

  • Combing low whole the head so you can wrap the head perfectly;

  • After finishing brushing, place a boar bristle brush;

  • Use the satin scarf and wrap it.

  • After keeping it on your whole night, the next morning, unwrap your hair! After cooling your wrapped hair and then dress away from steam.

  • Use gloss for making shinny the hair

However, this style is mostly safest for relaxed hair and also even for curly or straightened hair.

How to Avoid Dry Relaxed Hair

We neglect our hair unintentionally of our busy lifestyle. Even well-meaning hairstyles like braiding and weaving can process the wrong way, and the hair becomes dull and dry. Make sure to keep your hair braiding style moisturized, and it'll damage your hair, remarkably relaxed hair that is essential for additional hair care.

You can apply shampoo to your braided hair and condition, so you don't neglect the relaxed hair when swimming with braids. There can be another way to style your loose hair to reason the stress of twists or braiding. To manage healthy and strong hair, Moisturize, and balance that daily hair care properly. Your hair needs to be protected from several types of heat with the help of umbrellas, heat, and other remedies. Here are some basic damaging factors for your relaxed hair you should be aware of:
  • SunBurn

  • Styling tools like iron

  • Tight Hair Styling

  • Overheating

  • Over-conditioning

  • Over-shampooing

  • Over hair product using

  • Cold weather

  • Neglecting hair care routine

Wrap Up!

To sum up, we hope you have achieved explicit knowledge knowing how to Keep Relaxed Hair Silky and Strong. Now you can care for your relaxed hair properly and can enjoy shiny and healthy hair regularly. Have fun with your silky and strong hair!

Lots of love,