a beautiful and happy senior lady posing for the camera
Photo: Mikhail Nilov

It isn't a big surprise that just about everyone you ask doesn't want to get older because of the illusion that age is related to pains, wrinkles, and general poor well-being, though, with care and a well-planned lifestyle, you can look and feel great as you age! 

As you'll already know, advances in technology, healthcare, and an ever-improving understanding of health and nutrition via Rootine have made it easier than ever to keep fit, healthy, and aware of our bodies as we get older. With that in mind, aging is a human process, and it is essential to understand that getting older is something each and every one of us goes through, however, how we go through this process can majorly change how we look and feel in our older age – and so we have some tips on how to feel and look great with age.

Sport is an Essential

Right off the top, the most important thing to keep in mind is that exercise and sport are going to be your saving grace when it comes to looking and feeling well with age. There are no ifs or buts here, and you will absolutely want to keep yourself in check with regards to the amount of exercise you're getting and ensure that you're doing more than the bare minimum. 

It is good to keep in mind that exercise and sports are best done socially, so pairing up with a friend or family member for a daily jog or walk is a great place to start. You might also see yourselves planning other sporting activities too, which is a great way to stay motivated and keep fit.

A Little Help on the Side

An active lifestyle does wonders for your looks and well-being at any age. but there is yet another working way to create an appealing aura around you. I'm talking about pheromones — special chemical substances, which trigger attraction. Pheromones attraction and their effect on mood and sexuality is a well-studied subject in non-human animals, and it still continues among human participants.

But, how does this whole pheromone phenomenon work? The nature behind the process is simple and pretty much the same in every living species, which secretes them. They commonly can be found in almost every fluid produced in our bodies: saliva, sweat, and even urine. Unlike hormones, which do their invisible job inside of our bodies, pheromones work externally, notifying and stimulating mammals of the same species.

Thankfully, modern pheromone-infused perfumes, oils, and diffusers have nothing to do with unpleasant odors. Contrary, they serve as a little 'help on a side, creating a comfortable atmosphere around you and your home. 

a beautiful, fit senior lady doing yoga in the middle of a room on yoga matt
Photo: Mikhail Nilov

Why is Sport Important

Getting into the nitty-gritty, it is important to know that exercise and a healthy lifestyle have been shown to keep the body strong, but also reduce aging on a cellular level. This means that as we age, and as we keep our exercise levels high, our bodies are actively working to keep themselves as young as possible.

With this noted, you're giving yourself the chance to live longer with fewer ailments and a reduced chance of developing diseases and potentially cancer and other illnesses too, and this is why you'll find such a heavy focus on exercise in aged care homes and retirement villages such as spaces like Banfields, for example.

Added to the anti-aging perks of sport, you will also find that exercise allows you to take a hold of your mental health with greater ease than just about anything else. Of course, a great diet works wonders here, however, paired with exercise and you're on the way to stellar mental wellbeing as well as a body that defies the years rolling by.

Getting on Top of Nutrition

Tying back to sport and health, a proper diet with all of your essentials is an integral part of looking and feeling good as you age, and so we always suggest eating correctly and ensuring that you're moving out harmful foods and substances from your diets, such as cigarettes and alcohol. Doctor and dietician Dr. Steven R. Gundry encourages to go lectin-free and recommends a special diet, that includes pasture-raised egg and meat.

One point to keep in mind here is that natural foods are almost always better than supplemented versions of vitamins, and so working to develop a system in the kitchen that makes getting these foods into your diet effortless is an excellent place to start.

Kicking off your morning with a veggie and fruit-rich smoothie might be the best way to start the day, and you'll already be meeting your vegetable and fruit intake goals there and then.

a senior lady doing skincare routine and posing for the camera
Photo: Anna Shvets

Investing in Skincare and Appearance

There is a little investment required here for those of us who want to look as good as we feel. Of course, eating healthy and exercising can only do so much for us, and so you may want to consider investing in a daily sunscreen to prevent skin aging and, of course, cancers too.

On top of this, keeping watch of your appearance and focusing on self-care at home is also a great way to look as well as you feel, so adding a nighttime and morning routine to your life might be a great way to keep yourself looking bright and chipper for years to come.

The Takeaway

We're happy to say that aging gracefully is getting more and more effortless as we head into an advanced future with more knowledge about how the process of getting older works, and so if you're looking to look and feel good with age, it is all just a tap of your smartphone screen away.

Work to understand how your lifestyle might be impacting your aging process, and work to get on top of it as soon as you can.

Lots of love,